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    Surface RT student offer

    This summer Microsoft is offering directly to K-12 and Higher Education Institutional Customers a special pricing for a limited time on Surface RT. The offer is good from June 17, 2013 until August 31, 2013 and at this point it is only available direct from Microsoft Education Account teams...
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    Surface Pro battery problem

    hi guys, my surface pro is having an issue with its battery.. its stuck on 0% and when i plug in my charges the battery charging moves for about 3 times and stops.. it says 0% and battery is charging. tried to use it for about half an hour and the battery wont drain. this just happened a...
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    Not getting full screen on playing games!

    Hi guys my surface pro was fine playing games at full screen not until today when my battery ran low and i went back playing the walking dead my screen isnt on full screen anymore! tried to change the settings and played other games but it wont go back to normal :(
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    Personal Hotspot from iphone not getting connection

    guys is it possible to connect your personal hotspot from iphone to surface pro? im having difficulty on getting it connected.. it says that the connection is limited
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    Hi, New Surface Pro Owner from Philippines!

    Hi guys new surface pro owner from the philippines here. im about to recieve my surface pro today.. I find this forum very helpful and interesting. was actually a member last june. I was kind of hesistant to purchase surface pro but thanks to the people who replied to my post i finally decided...

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