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    What did I do to piss off Bill Gates?

    I wrote a previous post on how Microsoft cancelled my 512Gb SP2 order. "Well, this sucks I reordered another 512Gb SP2 on October 26. This morning, Microsoft cancelled my order AGAIN. No e-mail, no notice and no reason. There are no expletives that adequately express my feelings...
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    Has anyone received a 512Gb Surface Pro 2

    As I posted earlier, my September 27 order for 512Gb SP2 was cancelled because AMEX screwed me over. My SP2 is ordered again and scheduled to arrive mid-December. Has anyone actually received a 512Gb SP2?
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    Well, This Sucks

    I ordered a SP2 512Gb on 9/27. Estimated ship date, October 25. About a week ago, I get an alert from Amex about a possible fraudulent charge from Microsoft. I immediately call and tell them it's legit, but for reasons that no one at Amex can explain, they had already rejected the charge...

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