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    Onenote V17 v Onenote 2013

    I use OneNote for: Cooking Recipes - I have a dedicated and shared notebook that my girlfriend and I put recipes in. I have my old Surface RT sitting on the kitchen counter & I'll load the recipes from there when it's time to cook. School notes - I type faster than I write, so as I'm reading...
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    Crazy theory? Is Edge responsible for Surface woes?

    Having to hard reboot my SP4 every time I let it go into "Sleep" for 10-15 minutes is my biggest annoyance.
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    Display Driver Crashing

    I've requested to return my Surface Pro 4. The device is more of a hassle than anything right now. I spend more time doing hard shut downs than using the device. Frequent display driver crashes --- screen either goes blank or displays half black, half white noise. Touch screen occasion fails...
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    Wake from sleep

    Same here. I'm sure this links back to the other issues found with the Intel HD 520 drivers --- loss of touch screen, random driver crashes, failure to wake from sleep.
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    Display Driver Crashing

    I've forced the update of the Intel HD 520 drivers and I can report that the driver still crashes and I occasionally lose the touch screen capability. The one issue that it DID fix was the changing color temperature/tint issue.
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    Display Driver Crashing

    It's crashed for me on multiple sites, so it certainly isn't just this site.
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    Solved SP4 Still Active In Sleep

    It's being reported that Windows Hello is the culprit of battery drain while sleeping. Try disabling.
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    display changes tone while scrolling in edge

    It's the Intel HD 520 GPU drivers --- no real fix yet to fix all of the bugs, but many have reported having success resolving this one issue by downloading the latest drivers from Intel (10/26/2015). Although you will you will have to download the zip file, extract and manually install the...
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    Windows 10 is About to Get Several Cool New Features

    Edge in Build 10565 has the ability to "Save Target As". Favorite & Reading List syncing is also possible in this build. This actually doesn't appear possible just yet. Where did you see this? I'm on Build 10565 btw.
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    Official I pre-ordered a Surface Pro 4

    Core i5, 8GB, 256GB SSD --- after 3 years I finally get to lay my Surface RT 32GB to rest.
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    can't wait to buy surface pro 4

    I wouldn't expext a 4 to happen until Windows 10 is released, which is likely going to be around September/October.
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    Surface Pro 4 - wishlists!

    The current screen size of the Surface Pro 3 is perfect, you have to remember this is a TABLET that can be a laptop also. A 17-inch tablet makes no sense when it comes to portability and being comfortable to use in the hands.
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    Intel Core M - Lenovo Yoga Pro 3

    The pro's for me are complete laptop experience. Meaning the hint supports the screen and not a kickstand. Also the keys collapse and lock flush with the machine when its folded into tablet mode This is the only other machine I would consider.
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    Best Buy exchange policy

    All Best Buy purchases have a 15-day return period. The only exception being mobile phones, which is 14.
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    Do you use Metro or Desktop?

    I hate when people complain about others being stuck in there old ways and not being willing to accept change when it comes to Windows 8.x. The fact that Windows had a dramatic UX change is not the issue, its the fact that the changes aren't intuitive and simply don't make sense. You have...
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    Surface Pro 4 - wishlists!

    -A rubber lip/trim along the edge of the kickstand could help with the issue of the kickstand collapsing with too much pressure applied. -A polycarbonate or metal trim along the edge of the TypeCover. The current material wears and collects dirt way too easily.
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    Surface team uses... Surface

    We've seen images of MS employees using Apple products. Not to mention the Surface design team requires the ability to handle 3D modeling software. Pretty surprising and impressive being that the SP3 uses Intel HD for video.
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    Capacitive 'START' button location --- awkward?

    I don't understand. There is already a 'Start' button there within the charms menu. It makes more sense in the original spot when you have it laying flat or using it to draw with the kickstand at the 150 degree angle imo.
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    Capacitive 'START' button location --- awkward?

    Of course with the Surface Pro 3, our friends at Microsoft decided to relocate the capacitive 'Start' button to the right hand side of the device? Can anyone make sense of this decision? My thoughts? -I figured it was due to the new way they TypeCover Pro "docks" to the lower portion of the...
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    Best Buy Return Clarification, "Within 15 Days"

    Is the "within 15 days" claim literally what it says? Meaning I can return on the 15th day or does "within" imply that it must be returned no later than the 14th day? Reason being is because I plan to buy an SP3 today to replace my Surface RT and I'll be away for 14 days starting tomorrow...

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