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    How do you do a Print Screen with a Type Cover?

    What's the equivalent since there's no Prtscr key? TIA!
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    What kind of speed copying to microSD card are you getting?

    I've got a SP2 512 and a 64GB SanDisk Ultra microSD card. I copied a video file from an external USB drive to the internal hard drive and then copied from the USB drive to the microSD card. I was surprised the speed of the copy to the microSD card was about 4x slower than to the internal...
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    Who was that Joanna gal that he gave the SP3 to?

    Which magazine does she write for?
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    Trying to install a printer

    I go to Devices and Printers, then click Add a printer. I get to the Install the printer driver page and click Windows Update to try to find the OKI MC160n model. After a few seconds, I get the message, "Windows was unable to get a list of devices from Windows Update. Please try again later."...
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    Battery Life and SD Cards

    Is it me or has anyone noticed that battery life is shortened when you leave a SD card in the RT? Seems it doesn't matter if it is a 8GB or 64GB SD but it appears to me the battery gauge is moving faster since I put the SD in. I haven't done a full test yet but just wondering if anybody...
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    [Solved] My SD card is E:\

    I inserted a USB drive before I inserted the SD card and now the USB is D:\ and the SD card is E:\. I gracefully ejected both and shut down the RT. Now the SD card is E:\ even without a USB drive in. How do I get it named back to D:\?

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