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  1. Lolvo

    8.1 keyboard issue

    Saw this posted somewhere earlier, can't find it now. Why is my type cover not working all of a sudden on 8.1?
  2. Lolvo

    Curious Issue with Start Button

    Just upgraded to 8.1 (thanks, Omni) and it's looking good so far. Kept all of my apps and personal files/settings, so I was really joyed about that. I cleaned my Type Cover as well; almost feels like a brand new Surface! Anyway, I have an odd problem...As some of you may know, I have the...
  3. Lolvo

    Updated 8.1 RT, Lost Activation

    I performed an "update and restart" a few minutes ago, and now I have no personalization options, everything was reset to default, and my copy of Windows believes it is not verified. I am on 8.1. Update was released in the last few days. Thoughts?
  4. Lolvo

    External Battery for RT

    I know using an external for the Pro was a big discussion around here; I'm wondering if anyone has fooled around with an external battery for the RT? I've no clue about the differences in current/draw/etc. but I'm wondering if I can get a cable from MikeGuyver and use one of my own. In the...
  5. Lolvo

    Reader App Can't Open PDFs - Adobe Can?

    The Reader app that comes with the Surface cannot open a PDF that I use, it says the format isn't supported. And yet the Adobe Reader app I just downloaded works flawlessly with it...what gives? What's the point of having a built-in PDF viewer if it can't view PDFs??
  6. Lolvo

    Platform 46 Multitouch Table

    Didn't know where else to post this... Anyone ever seen or used these? Got to be in the thousand$$$ range I like the idea, though - I'm sure they're a big hit in specific markets. Check it out! Platform 46 Multitouch Table and Coffee Table...
  7. Lolvo

    Displaying to HDMI?

    Ok so the micro-HDMI (display port) to HDMI cable I bought came in, and I'm trying to get it to work. First time I plugged it in, my Surface screen went blank, but not off - which forced a shutdown and restart. I can't figure out what's wrong...the cable fits perfectly on both ends, but the...
  8. Lolvo

    Surface RT Adapter?

    Hey folks, Looking for an HDMI adapter for my RT, so I can hook it up to displays. M$ of course is a rip off selling an adapter for $40, so to Ebay I went. I found this, and it looks to be exactly what I need - but, you know how things are when they come cheap and/or from China. What do you...
  9. Lolvo

    Halo: Spartan Assault | Over[re]view

    Hey guys/gals, I have written up an overview/review of Halo: Spartan Assault; I wrote it on another forum that uses a slightly different interface than the Surface Forums. For this reason, I am not going to copy-and-paste it here like I had originally planned, it would appear to be massive on...
  10. Lolvo

    Surface RT So Far

    I've had my Surface for about two weeks now; I've picked up a few accessories and added a few things to the device, a few of which I sought input for by you experienced Surface users. Some of you were looking for info about the revised Manvex Surface case/folio, so I thought I would do a thread...
  11. Lolvo

    Surface RT Cases

    Does anyone have some good suggestions? I love how slim and sleek my Surface tablet is, and I'd like to keep it that way. I bought a skin cover, but I just don't think that will do the job. I'm looking for a slim case that has a clasping kickstand (like the Surface's) and overlaps slightly...
  12. Lolvo

    Hello From Central US

    Hello, Got my new Surface RT w/Type Cover in the mail today and knew that I would be spending some time researching and learning more about the device, so I went ahead and signed up. Along with the tablet, I also bought this privacy screen protector and a protective skin for it. I have been...