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    Can Microsoft make a pen that is 100% reliable?

    I have had my SB2 now for over a year. 95% of the time, it's a notebook. But for the other 5%, I use it as a note taker. So I use my pen quite a bit. The pen is so unreliable. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it won't. This morning, it worked. Then I detached the screen and started to write some...
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    Surface Book 2 Pen issue

    It worked yesterday but it doesn't work today. I was in a meeting today and press the top of the pen to launch OneNote. However, it doesn't write. I removed the device and repaired it. IT still doesn't work. I swapped battery and nothing. Starts the app but doesn't write. I even restarted the PC...
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    Solved Two problems I have with my 6 month SB2

    I have the Core i5/8gb/256gb ssd model. The two consistent problem I have are these. Please help me solve them before I bring it into the Microsoft store at my local mall. Both are wifi related. 1. Wifi detection. I have 100mb cable service in my house. We are a family of 3 and we don't...
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    Desktop Mode while using tablet

    Does anyone use this setting. I want to use the tablet. But I want to see it in desktop mode. All of my business programs are on the desktop. Right now, I cannot. When I unplug from keyboard, it shows it in Windows (Metro) mode. Thanks-
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    Two issues: Need Help

    I have a Surface Book 2 (Core i5, 8gb, 256ssd). I have had it for two months now and have noticed two problems so far: When I go from work to home (or from home to work), the wifi doesn't automatically connect to each location. It always says, "Connected, but no internet access". To get this...

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