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    Light-Bleed 3rd Unit

    I've replace two Surface Books because of the yellow screen bleed at the right-side of my Surface Book display and the top of it as well. I've had my third Surface Book for three weeks and once again, I'm getting the same yellow light-bleed in the same areas. Is this an inevitable defect of the...
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    Nvidia Driver Update 5/16

    Anyone else get an update for the Nvidia drivers? Mine is now and it's dated 4/27/16. Has anyone noticed any benefits from the update?
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    Bunch of Updates!!!

    Microsoft released a bunch of updates today (4/19/16)!!
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    Noticeable Increase in Surface Book Freezing & Touch Screen Stops Working

    Has anyone noticed increased freezing with their Surface Books since the last major update? I've had a dramatic increase in the number of times my Surface Book freezes over the past few weeks. Additionally, at random times, my touchscreen stops working. I can still use my Surface Book using...
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    Yellowish backlight bleed

    This is my 2nd Surface Book where if I use it for 30 minutes or so, the right corner and the middle bottom part of my screen have a yellowish spot on them. But if I turn it off for 20 minutes or so and then turn my Surface Book back on, the yellowish backlight bleed is temporarily gone, but...
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    Crashing when Reattaching Clipboard to Keyboard Base

    Lately, I've been having a specific issue with reattaching the "clipboard" back into the keyboard base. In particular, while using my Surface Book as a "clipboard," upon reattaching it to the base, the screen goes black and the Surface Book becomes unresponsive. I'm then forced to do a hard...
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    Finally, Pen Customization!!!

    Download new Surface App update. Microsoft finally added pen customization options in the Surface App!!!!! Microsoft is on a roll!! Thank you!
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    Surface Dock Detaching Issue

    I have a Surface Book (i7, 256gb, 8gb ram) and recently purchased the Surface dock for it to connect to one external monitor. The issue I'm having is that when I unplug the surface dock's cord from my Surface Book's charging port, the screen on my Surface Book turns off and I can't get it...
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    SFC Scan Finding Corrupt Files Post Update

    Since updating my Surface Book (i7, 256gb) with Microsoft's 11/18 updates, I've noticed that when I do an SFC scan, I get notified that it found corrupt files but was unable to repair them. I did a complete reset and reinstalled everything, including the most recent firmware update, and when I...
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    Re. Post Updates 11/18

    Since installing the latest firmware update and Microsoft cumulative updates yesterday, when I reattach the "clipboard" into the keyboard dock, it properly shifts into desktop mode but then quickly reverts back to tablet mode on its own. Does anyone know what's causing this or is anyone else...
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    Repeated Firmware Updates

    I have a Surface Book (i7, 256gb & 8gb ram), and over the past two weeks whenever I've checked for updates, I keep getting notified that the firmware update released on 11/2/15 is ready to install. Each time, I've downloaded and installed the firmware update and after restarting, my Surface says...
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    Re. November 2 Hardware Update

    Is anyone else having the November 2nd hardware update continuing to pop up every couple days, even though it was already successfully installed?

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