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  1. Micropel

    New Hardware Update: Is This The ONE?

    This update is SOOOO goooodddd!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Micropel

    Nikon Tethering to Surfacebook

    Indeed Lightroom 5 Right now Will upgrade 1st Quarter of next year.
  3. Micropel

    Nikon Tethering to Surfacebook

    This works beautifully! Set Up: Nikon D800 w/ 24-70mm 2.8ED USB-A to Micro-B SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Surface book i7/256SSD/8GBRAM/dGPU The Speed that it provides to my Semi Medium Format Camera using RAW/NEF files. images in less than 1.5 sec transfer 50 to 80MB files, BEAST!! Two Links to In...
  4. Micropel

    Edge - Yes or No

    No problem but let me ask you do you have a account for developers?
  5. Micropel

    A new forum for Graphics and Photography

    I just use the Microsoft Foldable Keyboard for Surfacebook Creative Canvas mode
  6. Micropel

    Lightroom cc and Surface 3 (Non pro model)

    Great choice! Also I use light room on my surface book and the tethering wired and wireless is so smooth with Lightroom! So impressed with the hardware!
  7. Micropel

    Edge - Yes or No

    I tweaked a few registry's behide edge and its beast. I do not fool with chrome anymore especially deeply reading there browser policies. Firefox Is cool to use as I am also do Programing and use firefox to test out certain instances. my ranking right now. -Edge -Firefox -IE (Yes I still use...
  8. Micropel

    How do you mobile users carry around your SPs and SBs?

    I have 2 ways I carry the device. #1 my Thule case inside my generic book bag and #2 in my photography bag when I have gigs.
  9. Micropel

    'special' MS Surface email domain?

    I'm all in for this idea!
  10. Micropel

    Any Plans for Office Lens for Surface Book?

    Its great for Meetings and Classes I attend. I can click a photo with the back of my surface book it cleans up the photo and right into my one note and I just a my notes/drawings directly over the top
  11. Micropel

    Any Plans for Office Lens for Surface Book?

    I've actually submitted feedback on them doing this that would be awesome!!!!!!
  12. Micropel

    Stability and Reliability

    I understand where you are coming from. The only thing is its not all microsoft its also nvidia, Samsung, Intel they all help build the experience in all device. They have responsibility to make sure that the hardware is tested enough to not warrant numerous flaws that microsoft always ends up...
  13. Micropel

    How do you mobile users carry around your SPs and SBs?

    Sticker boy skin, and Thule water resistant casing in a book bag
  14. Micropel

    HowTo Finger Tips - Windows 10 with Trackpad

    3 finger swipe up: shows application tabs and Desktop tabs 3 finger swipe down: minimizes all programs to show desktop 3 finger swipe left to right: shifts through open applications and folders
  15. Micropel

    Microsoft HoloLens Videos Show Off Fixed, Floating AR & VR HD Displays

    I personally have had a opportunity to use Hololens at Microsoft HQ and I cant wait for everyone to see what I have seen!!
  16. Micropel

    Firmware Update 2 Dec

    Successful !
  17. Micropel

    Here's how to disable Windows 10 Spying Features

    ? you know all they did was released a update that just reset your settings just go back in and set it how you had it.
  18. Micropel

    Glad I decided to keep my Surface Book

    the 11/19 firmware updates?
  19. Micropel

    Could experienced SB and SP 4 users recommend a Surface for me?

    I'm going to keep my response short and sweet. Versatile: I use my Surfacebook for My Photography and Branding company, Gaming, Meetings, Presentations and more. Cost Effective: My Surfacebook cost 2100. My custom rig I built cost 3200 in parts not including the Asus QHD monitor...
  20. Micropel

    Stickerboy Black Ostrich Leather Protector

    Mine just arrived as well ! :) I only got the top skin looks awesome!

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