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    "0% and not charging"

    Hi all, After a period of weirdness described in another thread, Battery 2 finally got stuck on "0% and not charging". I tried following the steps in Microsoft's troubleshooter to no avail. Is there anything else I should try, or will I have to have it replaced (again)? Thanks.
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    Surface Book (1) battery weirdness

    Hi clever people! Five months ago I received a fully working replacement Surface Book (after receiving and returning two quirky replacements...), and now the battery is starting to act weirdly: it drains much faster than usual (wear?), and the charging stops at a seemingly too low level for...
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    Solved Issues installing 1803 on Surface Book (1)

    Hello, For a few days, Windows has tried and failed to install update 1803. I found a thread with suggestions: Failure to install Windows 10 April Update(version 1803) Are these instructions safe to follow on the Surface Book? Also, I heard some concerns about performance from before installing...
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    Solved Two issues with replacement Surface Book: noisy touchpad and loose screen

    Hello! I recently received a Surface Book (1) replacement after the SSD of my original machine suddenly died. I have two issues with it however: The touchpad makes a small sound when touched (not pressed), meaning double-tapping and tap-dragging are noisy (tap, tap, tap...). It bothers me, and...

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