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    SP X temperature?

    Hey, thanks to you all for your thoughts and guidance. I did get one and love it. The temperature is just what I was hoping for in terms of note-taking and, frankly, it does most of the other things I need it to adequately. Still learning how to leverage WSL2 and hoping to get Docker...
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    SP X temperature?

    yes, thanks. for the most part I'll be using Office, particularly OneNote. What I want most is long battery life and low temperature when writing.
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    SP X temperature?

    Thanks, my SP just gets too hot to use like this and I'm thinking the SP X will work out better for me.
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    SP X temperature?

    Hi, I’ve been thinking of getting a SP X, primarily for note taking, but I have a question. How warm does the device get? Is it closer to the temperature of an iPad or a Surface Pro? Thanks much
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    [GIVEAWAY] Surface with Windows RT

    Writing a book

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