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    “Old newbie “

    Hey, thanks for that tip.
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    How Did You Hear About - The Premier Microsoft Surface Forum?

    Stumbled onto it with Google looking up info on my new device, surface pro7. Back in the day I lived on support forums for the original tablet do, “gottabemobile” and “jkontherun”, getting help from Microsoft MVP’s.
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    “Old newbie “

    I must say, this machine with SSD and all beats an old hard drive and only 500MB RAM...
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    “Old newbie “

    Thanks for the welcome and the advice. (I do have a pen, of course). Once I had a need for pushing the envelope on what I could do on a mobile device, and knew my way around...Windows XP Tablet edition....then I was half competent on a hp laptop/swivel top tablet running Windows 7 that needed to...
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    “Old newbie “

    Hello, I see one pro on line now who may be kind enough to point in the the right direction Just inboxed a MS surface Pro7 I received from my children for Christmas... I was an early adopter of the original MS Tablets in the early 2000’s, but stopped keeping up with the technology long ago So...

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