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    Worth the upgrade?

    Thanks All for the updates. Sounds like there were growing pains with the OS on the Surface 2, but they have cleared up for the most part. Once everything settles in the battery life appears to be on par and you get a much snappier OS speed plus the better screen over the RT. Appreciate the...
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    Worth the upgrade?

    WillysJeepMan, thanks for the in-depth response! Even though it is early, you have somewhat confirmed my suspicions that it would be difficult for a thinner lighter unit with a higher resolution screen to yield better battery life. I have tried to find specs on the Surface 2 battery (the RT is...
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    Worth the upgrade?

    Thanks for the links, I did check those out. In them was some talk about why people were upgrading, and their plan to upgrade, but I wasn't really able to see any real comparison between Surface RT and Surface 2 comparisons. I am really wondering about battery life with the higher res screen...
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    Worth the upgrade?

    I tried looking around but didn't see this topic so sorry if its been asked before. I am a Surface RT user and have been very happy with it. With 8.1, its starting to show some aches and pains with speed and fluidity, especially when using Outlook, but overall its still a great functional...
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    Share feature never works anymore

    That seems to be the only issue. Its been like this for the last couple of months, the sharing function does not work. Always says try later, can't figure it out.
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    Share feature never works anymore

    Is anyone else experiencing the share feature no longer working for them? I come across an article I want to share via email and every time I try via the share feature using Mail, it says something went wrong with the app and it cannot share at this time. It used to work well but now it never...
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    Surface Charger

    It's a terrible design with many customer complaints. The slightest nudge and the light will turn off and you won't be charging but think you are. It's a great concept and idea (Apple made it popular I think with their "magsafe" design) but the execution was poor. I don't understand how...
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    Flip ahead

    Hi all, I was slow to update and I noticed recently that the flip ahead feature seems to be working better, like it uses page caching vs. before when it was reload the whole page. Anyone else noticing that? Additionally, I find it only works when going back to the page I was viewing. I...
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    Surface RT Explorer default search engine

    Thanks, this worked. Always pays to ask!
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    Surface RT Explorer default search engine

    Not sure this can be done, but is there any way to change the default search engine in IE to something other than Bing? It's akin to asking to change the default search engine in Chrome to something other than Google, but I thought its worth a try. Anyone?
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    Fiddling with the magnetic power charger cord

    I agree 100%. It was intentional to have a magnetic power cord, but not intentional to make it work as badly as it does. Additionally, like el777 noted it makes it really easy to scratch the unit, which I have. Maybe this is some rookie quality control being Microsoft's first shot at a...
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    Windows Rt Stability Index Very Low Score

    Mine averages about a 1 also. Once interesting thing is if you look at the source you can identify any apps that are constantly having issues and remove them. I installed the Allrecipe app and it constantly kept having issues in the sources, so I removed it. Nice information to have.
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    Growing frustrations because daily websites that I visit don't work on Surface

    I second J515OP, you really can't screw anything up badly by "messing with" the whitelist. It's text editing a file in notepad, and all you are doing is adding a url, its very easy and makes the browser a lot more functional. Check out this link, it explains it very clearly and easily -...
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    Viruses less harmful on Surface RT?

    Correct. The goal is to stop spreading viruses it may find vs. protecting the RT platform. Nice to know we're protected though.
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    RT & Pro screen comparison

    I think what I often forget, and maybe what others do too, is that most of us are technically inclined enthusiasts and understand the nuances in the tablet devices you are describing. I would argue that most of the general public is not, so the lowest common denominator rules. Maybe this is...
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    RT & Pro screen comparison

    Bradhaak that is good info, I did not test them side by side in portrait mode, only landscape. If I get the opportunity I will try that and see how measurable the difference is to my eyes. I guess I am fortunate that I use the RT in landscape mode about 98% of the time.
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    My Surface RT review - beware it's a long one

    I agree with J515OP and Tom, a dedicated charging port is better, so I am glad Microsoft went that route. But I do think their current application of that is really bad, there are too many times its a real hassle to get it to work. It should be better, I wonder if they have made improvements...
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    RT & Pro screen comparison

    Consider this anecdotal information, but the other day I went to Best Buy and they had a Pro and an RT side by side on a table. I thought it would be a decent time to do a comparison on the screens, as that was initially one of my concerns with the RT. While you can definitely notice the HD...
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    Kudos to Microsoft: RT to Pro Trade-In "Rumor" is True After-All!

    I went to the Microsoft store this evening to check out the Pro and the store rep said this was false. There is no trade up program for the RT. Some stores are offering to take in old laptops for some value (their discretion) but your not getting full value for your RT and they told me they...
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    My Surface RT review - beware it's a long one

    After spending some real world time using it, and with the new Surface Pro coming out, I thought I would give some thoughts on the SurfaceRT and my experience the past couple of months. Sorry if this is a bit long, but I’ll try my best to skip over points people have already addressed. Please...

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