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    Surface Pro 6 vs. SP3 docking station

    I was able to download this file! Gonna see if my friend can 3D Print it for me! I personally LOVE the Surface Pro 3 docking station even though it has some lesser features than the new Surface Pro dock, but I love how it holds the Surface Pro up!
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    Please for guide how to use surface pro without a keyboard

    I remember my Surface Pro 6 exhibiting the behavior where the on screen keyboard came up even though the physical keyboard cover was attached to the bottom of my Surface Pro 6. It seems like you need to install some firmware updates and possibly some OS updates as well. For starters, what...
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    Bluetooth issues

    Unfortunately you may have to boot Win10 in recovery mode and try the system file repair option and if that does not work, then a full blown reset erasing all files and having a fresh install of windows. That may help. Also, are you on Windows 10 1903 or 1909? 1909 has been an option update so...
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    Bluetooth issues

    The only thing I can think of is maybe you need the Marvell drivers that were part of Windows Update, but that's being sent out randomly to Surface Pro 6 devices and not at the same time. It may be a while before you get the Marvell drivers in Windows update. You can check your update history to...
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    Spotting a Surface in the wild...

    It has permeated media now. NFL, New Amsterdam TV Show, Greys Anatomy, 911 show, new Bad Boys movie, pretty much any movie/tv show that has tech involved. I love it because now it's more realistic using a Surface Pro to accomplish the tasks they're trying to do in the movie. Before, it was...
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    Surface Pro 6 restarts with 75% battery level

    Two completely different pieces of hardware. A firmware update. I'm sure the issue will be fixed for the Surface Pro 4, but just because it has not been fixed yet does not mean it won't ever be fixed. It took the Surface Pro 3s a long time to get the fix as well. I never experienced the issue at...
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    Adapter / cable for HDR with Dell S2719DC

    I just did a Google search and found this....apparently it works with 4K HDR content. I personally love TrippLite products and use their tech often. Let me know if this works for you...
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    Really agree with this Surface Pro 7 review

    I ALSO use my Surface Pro 6 in tablet mode a MAJORITY of the time, but I do use the keyboard whenever I am posting, etc, but it's kinda not needed IMO. Regardless, a lot of the points in here I agree with. I also agree with the statements regarding the Surface Pro X as well. Figured I would share.
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    Adapter / cable for HDR with Dell S2719DC

    These were just ones I researched. I haven't ordered them yet, but I will let you know once I get them. Sorry I couldn't be more help in your decision making.
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    Adapter / cable for HDR with Dell S2719DC

    Dunno why it says "Robot Check" lol.
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    Adapter / cable for HDR with Dell S2719DC

    Not sure if the Surface Pro 6 can do HDR over Display Port (I imagine the technology is there so it should be able to send the signal through), but I do know that I can connect HDMI via my Docking Station and I think that can pass the HDR signal through....but I am sure you don't want to carry...
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    Surface Pro X limited software functionality due to the cpu make it not worth the hype

    There's a guy in our Enterprise that just uses an iPad and connects to a VDI to a Windows 7 desktop environment to do ALL of his work off of the iPad. He has LTE on it and doesn't even use a physical keyboard, yet he still types long emails and is able to use the full functionality of a Windows...
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    Surface Pro X limited software functionality due to the cpu make it not worth the hype

    Right, LTE is definitely a great feature this device has for people always on the go. I just would not like if it surprisingly stops me from helping a customer because an application's ARM counterpart has not been compiled yet and may not be for a while since it's not a huge urgency to make it...
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    Surface Pro 6 JUST NOW installing Marvell Driver updates from August?

    ….I mean, the Surface Pro 6 was pretty fast and responsive already, but's damn near instant when I open Edge or other apps. Not sure how much of a hit my battery life is going to take, but I'll see with time.
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    Surface Pro 6 JUST NOW installing Marvell Driver updates from August?

    Interesting....but I agree with the is now the END of November and I got the AUGUST driver updates....they are pretty great....
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    November driver updates

    I do have to say, the "Marvell Updates" are pretty Epic. I'm noticing SIGNIFICANT performance improvements!!!
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    Surface Pro 6 JUST NOW installing Marvell Driver updates from August?

    Just ran windows update tonight and two updates installed immediately and required a reboot. one was a Marvell Semiconductor update for Bluetooth and the other one was a Marvell Semiconductor update for "Net". What was strange was that the updates are dated for 08/09/ my Surface Pro 6...
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    Which Surface to get?

    Agreed, "i7 for graphics" should work VERY well, but i5 won't be enough. It is pretty fast, but I tried out an i7 Surface Pro 6 recently and the speed difference is quite noticeable.
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    New Surface Pro Owner

    What I usually do is hit the toggle on the on screen keyboard and switch to the handwriting box instead of the keyboard. This way if I want to handwrite something into a dialog box and have it convert to text, it will do so without popping up the keyboard. However, I have not had any issue...
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    Surface Pro X limited software functionality due to the cpu make it not worth the hype

    Me? No, but I know several tech reviewing friends and all of their experiences matched each other. Lackluster, frustrating device that will need LOTS OF TIME before it becomes useful to the mainstream much less on the go journalists that like to have an "always on LTE connection" on their device...

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