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    SP4 - i5/256/8GB - Lots of bluescreens - two from same lot

    Checked earlier today and nothing, but now it shows up. I'll try it. But previous promises of fixes have eluded me (us). Hope this is the magic (but I'm not holding my breath, honestly...) UPDATE: So after installing all of the updates and rebooting, I have been able to wake from sleep about...
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    SP4 - i5/256/8GB - Lots of bluescreens - two from same lot

    Yep. Similar issues, here... SP4 i5/512/16GB. Will Microsoft ever make this work? It's so unreliable... I have to close everything and shut down to avoid losing work and having my system lock up when going into/out of sleep mode. Will also BSOD about once a week while using it. Same as my older...
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    Solved Finally - a problem

    I had the same problem with my SP4 after about a day or two. I did not let it run down, I don't think, but I did have it off and it would not turn on for anything! I let it sit (unplugged) for a while as I did something else (all the while swearing at MS and getting ready for a trip to the...
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    Surface pro 4 i7, surface dock -- Problem with Dell U2515H

    I've had problems with a Dell 2412M with my SP4. It would work for a while, then shut off and not display anything. SP4 saw it but nothing... Here's what kicked it back in the head: With everything connected (that is, don't disconnect any video cables) unplug the monitor and then press and...
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    Blue tooth mouse recommendation SP4

    Wow... I absolutely hate the MS mice. The most uncomfortable mice I've ever had (and for different reasons). I would never recommend either to anyone. I am now using the Logitech MX Anywhere 2 and love it. Small enough for travel, but bi enough for every day use. And it can be paired with three...
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    Microsoft will send you a free Surface Pro 4 spacer for your old Surface Pro 3 dock

    The spacer is needed to make the SP4 sit securely in the dock. You can use the dock without it, but then if you knock the tablet, it may dislodge. I have them, now. It took over four weeks to get them and I was lied to multiple times along the way about delivery/availability. They don't...
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    Display Driver Crashing

    It has not been on my i5 system with all of the latest updates. It does act a bit differently, now, but I still get the "display driver has crashed" bubble from time to time (only once, so far, today).
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    cd/dvd writer for sp4?

    I use this one ( Not BR, but at $24, can't be beat. Works off USB with no Y-cable.
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    SP4 conntected to external Display, not possible to get a proper picture on both

    I agree, in general, about the cables. But I have had a bad one (in fact, it was good and then stopped working after a few months). So hope it's that! Otherwise, this does seem odd.
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    SP4 conntected to external Display, not possible to get a proper picture on both

    I think you mentioned "the dock." Have you tried connecting directly to the SP4? Same or different issue if you do? I've heard the dock has some video issues...
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    SP4 conntected to external Display, not possible to get a proper picture on both

    I run the same monitor with no issues. Some tings to check: 1) I presume you can use the same monitor/cable with another computer? If you can, then we know it's something in the SP4 setting/hardware. 2) Do you have a second cable you could try? 3) What is your display resolution set to on the...
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    Display Driver Crashing

    The display driver version/date installed has not changed after the 1511 update. Could be there are fixes, elsewhere, but if the driver is the issue, it's not been updated.
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    Surface Pro 3 Dock with Surface Pro 4?

    It is needed for a proper fit. It works, but we need the hunk of plastic we were promised.
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    Surface Pro 3 Dock with Surface Pro 4?

    But has anyone seen then, yet? Does don't have them and won't commit to a date. I have three on order from Microsoft, for two weeks, now, and the promised I'd have them my the 13th; still nothing, no ETA and no explanation. I do use the docks, but if you bump the sp, it comes lose and is a pain...
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    Display Driver Crashing

    OK, I get it now. We are talking about different things. I have all of that plus the new updates from yesterday (KB3105213, KB890830, KB3103688 and KB2267602 which are cumulative updates, software removal tool, flash for IE and defender). The system hardware update from 11/2 was installed on my...
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    you guys are getting this BSOD too right?

    I did not see this until after the 11/10 update was installed. I see it using Firefox on this website! I has no thing to do with coming out of hibernate on my system. It happens right after booting if I come here, or after I'm using my system for a while. It doesn't matter, but hibernate is not...
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    Display Driver Crashing

    I guess I'm confused by what I'm reading. The 11/10 update (KB3105213) did not include any obvious display driver-related items. My display driver is the same version ( and date (10/27/2015) as it was before the update. And since the update, things are no better for me and, in some...
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    Display Driver Crashing

    Same, here. Today's patches did nothing for me. Lots of display driver crashes and, new today, blue screens. I doubt anything changed in the driver else it would have a new version and date. Maybe later this week, if rumors are, there will be another, more major, update.
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    Display Driver Crashing

    Can you tell us the video driver version you have, now? I can't even use this site from my sp4 due to blue screens, now. I'm doing this from my phone!
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    Very Dissatisfied With SP4

    Updates, today, have no new WiFi stuff in them that I can tell. Save version of drivers before/after the update.

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