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    will there be a Surface 4 (non-Pro)

    (Sorry if this has been discussed.) I tend to think not, but I'm hopeful. Surface 3 is such a wonderful machine, iPad-sized with full Windows capabilities. I do however crave the SP4-generation keyboard, and I'm sure they can get a non-Pro device thinner than the SP4. I would even give up...
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    Firmware 27 Jan Does NOT resolve Sleep Issues

    my best guess is that it is not a SB-specific issue. rather, machines with Skylake chips and win10 do not sleep properly. my Dell xps 15 also wont' sleep. i think that is why the MSFT employee who blogged an apology blamed "new silicon" (i.e., the Intel chip), and also why they are having so...
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    SP4 after shut down - no battery !! 0 % .....

    same/frequent problem here. was using it last night with a nearly-full battery; closed it up and during "sleep" the battery drained completely. there must be something weird going on with the Skylake chips. I think that is why the msft rep said that sleep is a hard computer science problem...
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    Surface 3 or Surface Pro 4?

    i was about to start a thread titled "why s3>sp4" but then saw this. as owner of both, here are my thoughts: 1. at the outset, obviously the S3 has limitations in max memory, disk, and processor speed. so if those are necessary, you have to go with sp4. that said, if those are not required 2...
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    Is 8.1 much better for Surface 3 (Atom)?

    i tried 10 twice and reverted both times 1. ran slower 2. 8.1 much better for portrait mode.10 kludgey
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    A month with the Surface Book

    really, so if I buy on amzn or elsewhere, I can still get MS Complete? have been waiting for it to be available at MS store so I could get this. great news!
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    MS could have launched and advertised the SB better

    If you are new to Surface products then you may not familiar with Panos Panay's reputation as an exaggerator. SEveral reviews have criticized his twice-as-fast-as-MacBook-pro claim as pretty much a lie.
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    Crazy theory? Is Edge responsible for Surface woes?

    I dumped Edge for IE11 and am much happier. surface does nto overheat when 4-5 tabs are open. fewer display-driver crashes (though not totally gone, though I'm hopefully for yesterday's update) edge is like the new chrome
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    Screen Flicker when <20% Brightness

    QC means nobody checked whether the screen flickers at <50% brightness. or they checked and noticed but said no-worries-we'll-fix-after-our-AWESOME-LAUNCH! sure hope it is not a screen issue. hard to believe they wouldn't fix a drive problem like this already.
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    Screen Flicker when <20% Brightness

    same here, sucks. typical Panos overpromising + poor QC
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    Display Driver Crashing

    I switched back from Edge to good ol' IE and life is much better now. Edge would fire up the cpu to 90% when just 4 or 5 of the "wrong" tabs were opened. makes Chrome look like it's on a hunger strike
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    Surface Pro 3 Dock with Surface Pro 4?

    spacer is not needed. spacer was also not available from my local MS store.
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    no luck getting Power Cover even to be recognized

    Well,shame on me for ASS-U-MING that the Power Cover would work with SP4 like it did with SP3. I cannot even get it to be recognized as a keyboard, let alone charge and charge the tablet. Please tell me that someone's mileage varies...?
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    Very Dissatisfied With SP4

    well I take back the nice things I had said about the fan not blowing. it blows all the time. wish I had kept my SP3
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    does the SP4 heat up?

    my fan ran consntly for a few hours while doin updates and downloading 100G of data via dropbox, but it has been silent since then..QUITE a relief vs. sp3
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    Very Dissatisfied With SP4

    yikes, just traded my SP3 and an S2 for an SP4 today. screen has already frozen once, and I've seen the display driver crash. oh no... unfortunately, if I return it they'll only give me back the small amount of cash I paid for the device and not the two devices I traded for it. guess I should...
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    Surface Book is a Serious Scientific Machine

    I have a surface pro 3. sure for light calculations it is fine, but it can't compete with a quad-core full-voltage machine
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    Surface Book is a Serious Scientific Machine

    nothing with a low-voltage, dual-core processor is a "scientific workhorse."
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    Surface pro4 going back

    my SP3 was incredibly buggy - had to get it replaced 3x and did at least half a dozen full resets, plus the touchscreen failed twice so I had to use the Sony recalibration tool. hoping they have improved reliability in SP4,but I do worry that in the push to make it even thinner/lighter they...
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    To those upgrading from SP3 --> SP4, what will you do with your old one?

    trading it in via Recycle & Rewards. because my company pays I am not allowed to sell it, but if I trade it in on an upgrade that's OK. trying to see how much I can get on my i7/256. someone said an i5/256 fetched $400

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