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    firmware 18/01/2014 failed to install

    Hi, my sp2 failed to install 10/12/2013 firmware update and has been working OK up until today when it failed to install 18/01/2014 firmware update. After that it was showing plugged in not charging 0%. I followed vol+ and power button press for 15s, as on: How to Fix Surface Pro 2 ?Plugged In...
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    Onenote 2013 vs. 2010

    I agree, my workaround is to select a larger selection and then delete.
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    tech spec and microSDXC

    thanks be77solo and mennogreg for the card tips. :)
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    tech spec and microSDXC

    Hi, does anyone know where I can find a detailed tech spec for the surface pro 2? Right now I'm wondering whether it is worth paying more for a SanDisk extreme over an ultra. According to SanDisk the extreme can read/write at 45 MBs whereas the ultra is 30MBs. Obviously there's no point going...
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    Lock Symbol?

    Maybe the icon is a reminder that the keyboard is attached!
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    Lock Symbol?

    Hi, when I connect my type cover 2 keyboard to my surface pro 2 a little lock icon appears next to the screen brightness icon on the settings menu. Any ideas what this means? Thanks, stegzzz.

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