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    Apps for Surface RT - How Long Should We Wait?

    Yes, there will be limitations at first, but trust me, it won't last long. The Windows Store is going to explode in just a few months after the release of Windows 8 and Surface. But, yes, I agree with the aforementioned comments--quality over quantity. Personally, I'm not a huge app person in...
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    Where Are You Purchasing the Surface?

    I, too, pre-ordered mine. It'll arrive tomorrow. I don't have a Microsoft Store near me, so I chose to take the risk with pre-ordering. I have a lot of faith in the product, and I won't lie: I desperately want this product, along with Windows 8, to have a devastating effect on Apple, in...
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    Excited for Tomorrow!

    Mine has indeed shipped. It will arrive tomorrow. I'm very excited to finally experience Surface.
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    Camera Megapixels?

    I sense you're right on the information front. For example, I suspect that a lot of information Microsoft may be withholding should indeed be concerning to some people. Now, of course, Microsoft is trying it's hardest to be like Apple in many ways, including secrecy. This may prove to be a...
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    Micro SD Support on RT???

    We need some serious spam control here.
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    Micro SD Support on RT???

    Not sure if the original poster still needs assistance with this question, but according to the Microsoft Surface's product page, the RT will support microSDXC.
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    Difference Between the Two Surfaces

    No one really knows yet if they'll be any dynamic, physical differences between the two devices, other than a few ports being upgraded on the Pro. As for 'RT,' Wikipedia states that it doesn't necessarily stand for anything, which I have difficulty in believing.
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    Camera Megapixels?

    Considering Microsoft's recent explanation behind the screen's PPI and how it may compare to iPad's "retina" display, I would expect the megapixels on the cameras to be on the lower side. Now, of course, that never truly determines the quality of the feature. As my wife, a professional...
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    New Microsoft Surface Commercial Shows Off Useful Features Instead of Dancing Skills

    Interesting observation. I wonder if a mouse-like cursor pops in when the cover is in "Type" mode? Or, is there a setting in the OS that you must enable to activate the cursor for use with the track pad?
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    Thank You Team Behind Surface Forums

    I can hardly wait myself! I haven't had this much faith in Microsoft for years. And while many may bark of their disgust toward Windows 8, I'm actually looking forward to embracing it. What many folks--those behind the negative, mass hysteria--don't seem to understand is how Microsoft had to...
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    Thank You Team Behind Surface Forums

    Hello, everyone; introducing myself and offering a sense of gratitude toward those of whom have put in the work in getting this place started. I like it, and I'm looking forward to meeting many others who are also interested and driven by Microsoft's latest endeavor. I have high hopes for the...
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    Top 5 Killer Apps

    Expect no bloatware on the Surface. Microsoft knows better. As for vital apps -- expect vast varieties, no doubt. I would hope to see a wide-range of productivity-styled applications designed to take serious and intuitive advantage of the Snap Screen-multitasking aspect of the OS. The...
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    Where to Buy and Return Policy

    Bear in mind, everyone--this is still an early stage of organizing their website's policies and whatnot. As when the Surface initially debuted for pre-order, not everything on the site was corrected or fully published (such as advertising aspects on Surface's main page). Microsoft wants this to...
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    Microsoft Surface Base-Model Preorders Sell Out in Less Than 24 Hours

    It's certainly no guarantee on my part, but I like to assume that the "12GB" of space allegedly being consumed by Windows RT and its packaged apps will be justified by a collective sense of both quality and deep-rooted productivity when it comes to the Surface. Apple's iOS may be lighter, but...

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