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    Adobe Premiere Pro and Nvidia GTX 1060 Drivers

    There is an error message in the 2020 version PP that states the GTX 1060 is unsupported. I have a SB 2, with the latest driver listed as via a July 2020 MS update. I have read on an Adobe forum that the latest Nvidia driver should be updated, and it should be the Studio Version...
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    Updating Nvida Graphics Card Drivers

    It is my understanding that you cannot manually update the GeForce 1060 drivers. It can only be updated via the Windows Update program. the most recent update is version does not support CUDA 9.2 or higher - which does not allow you to use Adobe Premiere Pro 2019. When will Windows update...
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    Update Graphics Driver

    I have a one-year old surface book 2. I am trying to run davinic resolve 16. I had no problem with 15,3. The new upgrade keeps crashing - maybe something with the graphics card. What is the best way to determine if my grahpics card is up-to-date?
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    Card Reader No Longer Works

    I have a surface book 2 that is less than 6 months old. Today the card reader simply stopped working . Yesterday it work, today it does not. I have read several posts on this, and it appears to happen a lot. In most cases all the rebooting does not work. Is there any solution to this?
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    Cannot detach tablet - 3D Paint Running

    Hi, I am new to this forum. Just purchased a 15 inch Surface Book 2, which we use for video processing, along with other office work. This replaced a 4 year old Dell XPS. My problem is with detaching the tablet. I am constantly getting the message of a that something must be resolved before...

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