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    Fron windows 8.1 back to 8.0

    running windows 8.1 want to return back to 8.0 can this be done?? before installing 8.1 I made a recovery disk at 8.0 I turn off the sys inserted USB TOOK OUT MY MICRO SD CARD. I went thur the prompts of booting the sys (holding down the vol and the power button to boot into the USB BUT TO...
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    Rercover from 8.1

    Hello Users I am running 8.1 but want to return to 8.0. when I HAD 8.0 I MADE A RECOVERY DRIVE. I TURN OFF MY RT plug in my USB HELD DOWN VOL & POWER BUTTON. sys came on and I went through the promps questions ok BUT IT BOOTED BACK TO 8.1 SO THE RECOVERY DOES NOT WORK? ANY HELP WILL...
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    Microsd card's!!!

    Hello users: I hope someone can help me. I just purchase a 16 GB Micro SD CARD 1. I install it and there was a sound that it was install BUT I cannot access the drive it does not show up on the display. 2.I PUSH IT IN AND HELD IT THERE AND IT WAS DISPLAY ON THE SCREEN BUT WHEN I LET IT GO...
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    New to MS Surface

    My Name Bob It is great to have a forum like this. I am really surprise that there is a site like this because most of the industry does not speak well about the RT BUT for me it is a wonderful tablet I just love it. I like it for what I use it for. I think the industry should look at it in...

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