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    Steve Ballmer is retiring from MS

    I have mixed feelings about this. He's a huge dork, but I think he has finally managed to get MS on the right track. I hope there isn't some kind of abrupt change of direction coming. On the other hand, he's the epitome of everything I hate about cheesy sales-y people and I wont miss him as a...
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    Yet another reason I love my Surface RT

    So, after updating to the pre-release Windows RT 8.1, I've been having trouble with my Surface seeing the hotspot from my Lumia 920. I could see other networks, but half the time, the 920's hotspot wouldn't show up. (It seems that the Surface has a very slow polling rate to update its list of...
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    Cool things you've found in Windows 8.1

    There's several threads out there relating to the new preview release of 8.1, but each seems to be focused on certain things - installation, mail, etc. This can be a place where we post neat stuff we've found. So far... 1. Media on my SD card works in the Libraries - the apps see the files...
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    Windows 8.1 Has Some Cool Stuff for Corporate Use

    Windows 8.1 - What's New, IT Pro Features, Devices, UI | TechNet
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    Screen Mirroring on the Surface

    I cant imagine why you couldn't also do that on a Surface or Nexus, or any tablet for that matter...
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    Worried About Your Touch Cover Cracking?

    Since seeing some reports online of touch covers cracking, I've been afraid of using my Surface in slate mode with the cover folded back. I just figured out that you can attach the keyboard backwards and fold it around. This way, the touch cover is bent in the nomad way while you aren't using it.
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    Would you like to see VLC for Windows 8, RT and WP8?

    I know I would. You can support the effort here VLC for the new Windows 8 User Experience ("Metro") by VideoLAN — Kickstarter It sounds like MS is interested in helping out as well. VLC adds Windows Phone 8 support to Kickstarter campaign - SlashGear
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    Bluetooth or USB GPS receiver for Surface RT?

    Has anyone tried adding GPS via external module to the Surface? If so, does the default map app see it, or do you have to use special software? I have my phone for mapping, but sometimes, when traveling, having the big screen is nice.

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