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    My type cover wakes up SP3 when closed. Why?

    At least four times in the past couple of days my SP3 randomly woke up from sleep with the type cover closed while plugged in sitting on my desk. Does this happen to anyone else? To be certain it wasn't my fault, I slept the SP3 and waited a full minute to make sure it was sleeping, then closed...
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    Does your SP hang at a black screen when you shutdown/sleep?

    Recently my SP has been hanging at a black screen (the screen turns off) when I select shutdown, sleep, or when I close the cover and the fans continue to run. I'll leave it alone hoping it will shut off but it will just stay that way with the fans running. Anyone else experience this and know...
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    How do you boot from USB CD-ROM drive?

    Anyone know? I've been searching forever and can't find anything.
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    Quick tip for using the Surface as a LAPtop.

    I finally figured out the best way to place my Surface (with keyboard) on my lap for use as a laptop. Instead of placing it on my thighs, like I've been doing with all my previous laptops, I put it further away toward my knees so that the kickstand rests on the curve of my knees. This allows the...
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    Bluetooth mouse lagging when downloading files?

    Anyone notice their bluetooth mouse starting to lag when a download is in process? It lags when I'm downloading torrents and/or when I'm downloading stuff through the web browser. I'm using the Apple Magic Mouse with the default Windows 8 drivers, so this may be an issue with the mouse. EDIT...
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    Pre-orders from online Microsoft store...shipping times?

    I just bought a Surface Pro on 3/1/2013 from the online MS store that had a ship by date of 3/12/2013 and I'm super anxious to get it. I'm just wondering if any of you guys bought your Pros from the online MS store and had it ship out, or received it, before the quoted ship date.

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