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    odd behavior of Photos app, displaying tile photos that cannot be found.

    I just checked there. No photos. The Camera Roll folder, mysteriously, is empty! There are about twenty shots in the parent directory, taken on the Lumia 928 while in Canada.... but that's when it all worked. No idea what changed. Thank you for your response!
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    odd behavior of Photos app, displaying tile photos that cannot be found.

    I'll get right to it. My 1st gen Surface Pro's Photo app displays changing tile photos that were all taken on my Windows Lumina 928, however I cannot find ANY of these photos within any folder listed when opening the app. I have four folders, including SkyDrive, "camera roll" (from the win...
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    question about Surf Pro photo app

    I use a Surf Pro, first generation, along with WinPhone (Lumia928) 8, two win7 pro, and one win 8.1 desktop machine, all having access to SkyDrive. For the last couple of months I've noticed that new photographs show in live photo tile, but none of these appear in the actual folders within the...
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    touch keyboard question

    Are we supposed to be able to perform the little keyboard tricks (like double spacing to insert a period, and auto-capitalizing the first letter of new sentences) with the touch (or type) cover attached? I know they all work with the device's virtual keyboard, but I cannot get the touch...
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    OneNote 2013 question

    One of the things I've begun doing with my SP is making use of the stylus to hand write messages. Cutting to the chase, can anyone venture an explanation of why my first message, emailed within OneNote, was directly imbedded in the email message body, while a couple of subsequent test...
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    regarding POP3

    Hi, I just picked up a copy of Pogue's Missing Manual for Win8 to help familiarize myself with the OS and my SurfacePro. What happened to the "more mail settings/ sending/receiving email from other accounts" option to access POP accounts? Was this option removed by automated OS updates? I...

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