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    Office - Word 2013 on Surface Pro 2 and dpi

    Hi, I really like my Surface Pro 2 but am wondering if there is a programme which would allow me to save Word docs at 300 dpi? Office Word appears to only go up to 220 dpi. Is there a way I can change that? I select the option under options/advanced to 'do not compress images'. Does the...
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    Extended desktop mode

    Hi, I have a program called Presenter 3 installed on my Surface Pro 2. Presenter runs on top of Microsoft Powerpoint but I do not know how to go into extended desktop mode. Can anyone help here? Thanks
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    Pro 2 registration and Free skype, Skydrive, Outlook etc. cancelled.

    I love my new Surface Pro 2 but.... While trying to get Outlook to work with email and speaking with the “support” person at my internet provider, while trying to use Outlet, he told me to cancel my Microsoft account. Following his instructions I did, but since then my Surface has lost my...
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    Taskbar Icon Removal

    I have a Surface Pro 2 and have been installing programmes. (I love the computer by the way.) One of the programmes I installed was Golden FTP and as I liked Cyberduck better, I removed Golden FTP following the instructions in the Microsoft guide. I still have this pesky little icon named...
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    RT or Pro for requirements

    I'm an iPad 3 owner who is looking to move to a Windows tablet, but not sure which one yet. I use Textastic on the iPad for both writing html / css and ftp and know about Code Writer for the RT, but what do you use for ftp? Is Mftp good? Have a Mac Book Pro supplied for editing booklets...
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    Is 8.1 able to be custom installed plus ftp programme?

    I'm an iPad owner who's very interested in abandoning Apple's iPad after playing frequently on a Surface RT at a retailer in NZ. Had Apple computers since the early 1990s and edit a magazine, format booklets and pamphlets on a provided Mac Book Pro which runs the Adobe programmes. I have become...

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