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    Surface Book Performance Keyboard no AT sign and no dot anymore

    Hello, since yesterday, I can't make a AT-Sign and no dot with my keyboard Anything else works, any idea thanks
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    Surface Book with Performance Keyboard not working properly

    Hello everybody, got another issue with my Surface Book. The Performance Keyboard, yesterday started to work abnormal. Sometimes I can use it and write something and then it's not working at all, i can press any key and nothing works suddenly it works again. Anyone any suggestions? Thank you
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    Solved Windows 10 Pro Updates not working

    Hello, on my Surface book I can't open the Windows Update screen and check for updates. the window opens and closes right away. Anyone having an idea on how to get this working again? Thank you
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    Surface Book with Core i7, 16GB RAM keeps getting bluescreens

    Dear community members, I ran into a problem. I was gifted a Surface Book i7. This machine keeps getting bluescreens, see attached "blue screen view" screenshot. Any suggestions? I checked Windows Update and can't find any new drivers. Further, I had installed the NVIDIA GeForce Experience...

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