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  1. J

    Type cover isn't working properly

    I wonder if it's that connector (the thin film thing - I don't know what it's called). I'm probably not as technically inclined as a lot of people on here, but when I younger I had issues with my keyboard on my Acer netbook (the keyboard wouldn't work after I spilled kool-aid on it), so I took...
  2. J

    Surface 3 (Atom) not charging only when asleep (Weird)

    I'm having a similar issue. Mine is charging very slowly both when the device is on and when it's off (and on top of that, I have terrible battery life). It's been charging for two hours. I took it off thinking I'd have a bit of battery life to use on the go and it only has 13%, even though I...
  3. J

    Cyan typecovers discontinued?

    Ah, that makes sense. Thank you.
  4. J

    Cyan typecovers discontinued?

    I noticed about a month ago that the cyan typecover for S3 wasn't available online at MS. I checked back again yesterday and noticed the same thing. And then I realized that the cyan one for SP3 is gone too. I also checked two local Bestbuys and neither had one (though it's available online)...
  5. J

    Pro 2 charger hazard

    Weird. I had the same issue in December - wire was actually exposed and you could smell it burning. It took them about a month to send the replacement. I find it odd that they no longer have them in stock when they had them 5 months ago (though my SP2 is still under warranty and I contacted them...
  6. J

    Type cover isn't working properly

    Yeah it's very weird. The cover doesn't even work at all now. Thanks though! I think I'll end up having to buy another cover until the SP4 is out. And nope! It's the hot pink/magenta one. I was just in a dark room.
  7. J

    Type cover isn't working properly

    Thanks for the responses. Nothing has worked so far (and the issues have actually gotten worse), so my last resort will be refreshing the surface.
  8. J

    Type cover isn't working properly

    So all of a sudden, my type cover 2 doesn't want to work. I've had some issues with it and my Surfaces before, so I'm trying to figure out whether I did something wrong or if it's just faulty. About 2 days ago, I wiped the keyboard down with a wet one's wipe because I've spent the past week at...
  9. J

    Type Cover issues after 1.5 years

    I'm suddenly having issues as well. I came on here to see if anyone else is having them. My "A" key has been acting odd for a while (and I've had an issue where the type cover restarts my surface for over a year), but now my type cover is right-clicking by itself. The backlight keys are dimmer...
  10. J

    Surface 3 Trade in coupon - online only?

    It's in store too - I recently asked about it and was also told there's a trade in program for the pros.
  11. J

    Surface Pro 4 - wishlists!

    I agree with a lot of the posts already made (a reliable pen holder, cheaper starting price, etc...), so other than that I'd really like the pink type cover to be brought back. I'm hoping the SP4 gets different type cover colors than the S3 (heck, a girl can dream!) because they took away purple...
  12. J

    What do you do with the keyboard when using Surface as a tablet?

    I flip mine on a daily basis. My keyboard seems okay, besides the fact that I have an issue where sometimes touching it restarts the surface. The stand (the part in the back that digs in) has also damaged the back of the keyboard.
  13. J

    Don't buy cheap Surface chargers

    My charger just had the same thing happen and my SP2 is my only computer so I had no choice but to order a generic one until MS sends a new one (and who knows when that will be? They say I have to send the old one back first!) Thanks for the warning, though.I'll be careful. I just ordered mine...
  14. J

    Random reboots/restarts

    Oh my god. I've been going crazy for a month with random crashes and restarts. I have two separate issues though, but I've also noticed that if the Surface is laid down a certain way, the keyboard causes the device to automatically restart (I tested it). My desktop icons have also been getting...
  15. J

    Surface Pro 3 launched - 12" tablet, 9mm thick, 2160x1440

    Thanks for the video. That's one I hadn't seen yet. Personally, I'll still be a bit iffy about it until I can get my hands on one (because I mainly use the pen with PS). However, it does seem pretty great. :)
  16. J

    Surface Pro 3 launched - 12" tablet, 9mm thick, 2160x1440

    I'm not sure about the N-trig and how that'll work out... I also don't like that they took away the pink type cover.
  17. J

    About scratches and warranties.

    I had the same problem with paint issues.... I recently returned one that was badly chipped and MS accepted it no problem. My current SP2 is about 14 days old and it already has a spot where paint is coming off. It is beyond babied (hasn't even left the house yet). So yes, these devices...
  18. J

    Battery drain, possible due to USB Selective Suspend=

    That might be normal battery life. I get around 3.5 hours, maybe closer to 4 on a good day and I use Firefox.
  19. J

    icon issue

    I actually noticed this 2 or 3 times with my first SP2. Ended up returning it and waiting for them to restock. I honestly have no idea how to solve it, but hopefully someone else does.
  20. J

    Really Terrible Battery Life With Pro 2?

    Same thing here. Barely getting over 3 hours and that's just with Firefox, Skype, and possibly Microsoft Office up. Guess I'll have to do another return.

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