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  1. J

    Cyan typecovers discontinued?

    I noticed about a month ago that the cyan typecover for S3 wasn't available online at MS. I checked back again yesterday and noticed the same thing. And then I realized that the cyan one for SP3 is gone too. I also checked two local Bestbuys and neither had one (though it's available online)...
  2. J

    Type cover isn't working properly

    So all of a sudden, my type cover 2 doesn't want to work. I've had some issues with it and my Surfaces before, so I'm trying to figure out whether I did something wrong or if it's just faulty. About 2 days ago, I wiped the keyboard down with a wet one's wipe because I've spent the past week at...
  3. J


    I just got a replacement because my first SP2 had the same issue. When using your Surface, do you feel any warmth at all? (Specifically if you touch the screen or the back of the tablet.) Straight out of the box, this one was HOT. Not even warm, but hot. I installed the new firmware and now...
  4. J

    Very Unhappy :(

    I don't see how this tablet is getting great reviews. After everything I went through to get it, I can't stand the thing. It's on my last nerves. :mad: Nearly all of the programs I've installed have had issues - Skype has a blurry font and looks like crap, and iTunes has the same issue...

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