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    USB Speed Problems with all Win10 Insider Builds (rs1)

    Hey there, is ist just me or did they mess something up in the builds? Every (usb) device i attach to my SP4 becomes pretty much unusable, no matter if it´s a docking station or an exernal storage device. Does anybody else stumble across that and maybe has a solution?
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    M3 Bugs - Gfx, Noise, Docking Station (Displaylink)

    I bought my M3 a week ago directly from MS here in Germany and encountered several bugs since then. Hope that somebody can give me a helping hand here and suggest me what to do now. 1. It creates a very high frequency/pitched buzzing sound. Constantly. And also some sort of crackling noise...
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    Wake on Lan - Possible? If so: How?

    Good morning. I'm going on vacation and might need to access my sp2 a few times during that. I'd like to rdp/vnc/teamviewer in it and dont want to have it running all the time. I don't see any bios options regarding wake on lan it even possible via wifi? Would be nice if anyone could...
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    Surface Pro 2 1.9 CPU Lot Numbers

    Wondering about the same here. My replacement was shipped today (from .nl) and i´m hoping to a) get a new one, not refurbished and maybe even an upgraded (1.9 CPU) one.
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    Surface Pro 2 - Hanging in BIOS Screen during Boot (even after the FW "Fix")

    yeah, that´s exactly what mine is doing. tech support via phone = forget about that here in germany :) so i just asked them to send me a new one. let´s wait and see how long it takes them.
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    Surface Pro 2 - Hanging in BIOS Screen during Boot (even after the FW "Fix")

    Hey there, i have the following problem with my SP2. I always end up in the Bios Screen after powering it up. No matter if the type cover that i own is attached or how i powered it down/reseted the device. The only thing that helps then: Hold the power button for 10secs. Power it off...

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