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    Surface Pro has VERY good battery life - around 6 hours for me.

    I've had my Pro for about a week. I turn it off and plug the charger in every night. When I get to work (about 8:30), I turn the Pro on - it connects to my work wifi. I've turned Bluetooth off. While I don't use the Pro as my primary PC at work (our IT dept is not yet letting Window 8 devices...
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    Surface Pro Price Reduction

    I went into the MS store. They said because I originally got the education discount (10%), they could not offer me the $100 price reduciton. I told them that the online MS Store allows the education discount and the price reduction. She was very nice about it, but said she couldn't find a way in...
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    Surface Pro Price Reduction

    Ugh. I just bought a pro from my local ms store on Friday. Hopefully they will give me the lower price when I talk with them on Monday. Any advice?
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    Extended warranty question

    I've been thinking about purchasing a SP on eBay or Craig's list. There appear to be a number of sellers who have yet to unwrap their SP. Anyway, I really want the Microsoft Extended warranty. Anyone have any idea if I can purchase a "used" SP from an individual and then purchase the extended...

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