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  1. JobsiteFish

    Which Surface Pro 4 issues remain?

    I posted a few weeks back about battery issues. I am happy to say that battery life has significantly improved for me. I am loving this thing. I am only having a few random glitches when using the the Microsoft hdmi adapter and a monitor. Reading thru the thread it looks like Microsoft still...
  2. JobsiteFish

    Solved New Netflix app does not work properly on Surface Pro 4?

    SP4 i5 256gb and the app works good for me. Movies look amazing this thing :D
  3. JobsiteFish

    SP4 Dock Deal

    Just in case anyone is thinking about buying the new dock. Amazon has them listed for 165 with free 1 day shipping, for Prime members. I have been thinking about ordering one and decided to pull the trigger. Not a huge deal but hey every dollar counts :)
  4. JobsiteFish

    MS website claims up to 9 hours of video?

    I can't even hit the 5 hour mark doing basic tasks. 9 hours does not seem feasible.
  5. JobsiteFish

    Which Surface Pro 4 issues remain?

    As far as the OS, all the issues and glitches I experienced were corrected with the recent updates. My SP4 runs very smooth. My only honest concern right now is battery life, I have a i5 256GB and battery charge drops faster than expected. I tend to stay around the 25%-30% brightness range. I...
  6. JobsiteFish

    Cortana use

    I have been using it mostly for regular web searches. It works really well and saves me a lot of typing when sitting on the couch. The SP4 is the best computer I have ever owned.
  7. JobsiteFish

    4K monitor not working thru new dock

    Too bad the new docking station does not work properly, it seems they rushed the product out without proper testing, many people seem to be having issues.
  8. JobsiteFish

    Blue tooth mouse recommendation SP4

    Another vote for the Microsoft Arc Mouse Surface edition. It takes some time to get used to the shape but it is a great mouse. It has some really cool and unique features.
  9. JobsiteFish

    which sp4 for me

    If you do go with a SP4 I would get at least the i5 128. For the low price difference it is worth it.
  10. JobsiteFish

    So Tell Me, What You Think? 3G or No 3G?

    Being in the US I honestly have no interest on having another monthly expense for 3g or 4g, not for a tablet. My tablet gets used heavily on business trips and It's not that hard to find a wifi connection these days. Funny though I am currently in Germany for work and it is the opposite. Only a...
  11. JobsiteFish

    RIM Gasping for Air; Considering Switching to Windows

    Well their updated models are going to have a hard time competing with the big boys. Phones like the iPhone and Samsung s3 are already setting the bar pretty high. Now we got Windows 8 coming soon. They are going to need one hell of a phone.
  12. JobsiteFish

    Apple Patents the Wedge Design

    That's a bunch of crap.
  13. JobsiteFish

    Laugh Of The Day-Add Yours Here

    OK I fell for the sniper BS :banghead::)
  14. JobsiteFish

    Windows 8 Updates I thought it was an interesting article. I am probably late on these news but I am looking forward to Windows 8 updates. :beer: What do you think?
  15. JobsiteFish

    What are your current tech gadgets/devices? Post in here and let us know!

    Asus Transformer TF300 Samsung Galaxy S2 AT&T Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 plus Samsung 40" LED TV Samsung Blu Ray Player Samsung Sound Bar System XBOX 360 with Kinect Dell 15 XPS - quad core i7 and loaded And a fully equipped i7 quad core Dell Precision 15 - provided by my company for work use to...
  16. JobsiteFish

    Microsoft Surface vs Google Nexus7

    Nexus 7 looks like a pretty sweet deal, this kind of destroys the kindle fire and the 7" tablets that Samsung has released. is not Windows. As It was already stated the Surface is aimed at a different market. As long as Microsoft can deliver a real premium product I will be willing...
  17. JobsiteFish

    Microsoft Predicts that Tablets Will Overtake PCs Next Year

    Well I was one of the ones that said tablets were useless and here I am using one. Realistically it will not completely overtake the desktop or big laptop users that need a powerhouse to play games, etc, not for now. But we are moving pretty dam fast. We are already talking about fully...
  18. JobsiteFish

    AOL vs Windows 8

    Funny stuff. It's amazing how fast technology has advanced. God I hated the AOL connection.:banghead:
  19. JobsiteFish

    Surface Hands On Review from TechRadar....

    Very nice review. The hardware looks really promising.
  20. JobsiteFish

    [Rumor] Microsoft Surface Tablet May Sell Only in Microsoft Stores

    I doubt they would that. I think a move like that would impact their sales in a negative way, especially in this situation when they are trying to gain ground in the tablet market.

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