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    Office - Word 2013 on Surface Pro 2 and dpi

    Hi, I really like my Surface Pro 2 but am wondering if there is a programme which would allow me to save Word docs at 300 dpi? Office Word appears to only go up to 220 dpi. Is there a way I can change that? I select the option under options/advanced to 'do not compress images'. Does the...
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    Extended desktop mode

    It's working now. I shut down both the Surface and the TV, turned on the TV in RGB mode and then the Surface tablet. Swiped and selected devices etc. and then opened the program Presenter. (I don't have the keyboard) Thank you so much.
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    Extended desktop mode

    Thanks for replies. Still only shows the same view as is on my Surface screen. It is a LG TV so I am wondering if that is the problem or maybe an incompatibility with Windows 8.1. The Presenter program works with a projector and a Sony PC and I choose the same settings as for the Sony computer.
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    Extended desktop mode

    Hi, I have a program called Presenter 3 installed on my Surface Pro 2. Presenter runs on top of Microsoft Powerpoint but I do not know how to go into extended desktop mode. Can anyone help here? Thanks
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    Battery sucking apps?

    How did you pick up the 25 GB from purchasing Office 2013? I purchased it also but am not aware of a Skydrive offer. Thanks
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    Pro 2 registration and Free skype, Skydrive, Outlook etc. cancelled.

    UPDATE Well, the 30 days were up yesterday and I am very pleased to say I was able to sign up with my email address and my SkyDrive was still there as was my Skype so today I am back to normal. Also, I complained to my ISP and they found the person who gave me the bad advice of closing my...
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    Pro 2 registration and Free skype, Skydrive, Outlook etc. cancelled.

    Thanks Oion. I have signed in with another Microsoft account name I made using an Outlook email and password and posted on the Surface Pro 2 section. My email address still comes up when I go to register using the email address that everyone knows me by so the Microsoft system recognises that...
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    Pro 2 registration and Free skype, Skydrive, Outlook etc. cancelled.

    I love my new Surface Pro 2 but.... While trying to get Outlook to work with email and speaking with the “support” person at my internet provider, while trying to use Outlet, he told me to cancel my Microsoft account. Following his instructions I did, but since then my Surface has lost my...
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    new surface pro 2 owner

    Congratulations and how wonderful. I too am longer in the tooth and am new to Surface having been a Mac user since early 1990s (Have a Mac book Pro and iPad). I'm nearer to 70 but bought myself a Surface Pro 2 for my birthday after playing with a 1st generation Surface Pro in a retail store. I...
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    Taskbar Icon Removal

    I rang Microsoft help and in the end the help person talked me through restoring the OS. I had to reinstall my own software but it got rid of the nasty GFTP.exe in the notifications. Surprisingly my settings and background preferences were still there. Thanks for the suggestions.
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    Taskbar Icon Removal

    I had already Customised the Task Bar, but the icon still shows up in the list. However, your suggestion of doing a search is a help. I will call the Microsoft help tomorrow as it is free for two years when you purchase a Surface Pro 2. If they can help I will report back.
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    Taskbar Icon Removal

    Thanks for your help. I read the comments as well as the information at the link. I will need to think about it as I am new to Windows and need to do the backup first.
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    Taskbar Icon Removal

    I have a Surface Pro 2 and have been installing programmes. (I love the computer by the way.) One of the programmes I installed was Golden FTP and as I liked Cyberduck better, I removed Golden FTP following the instructions in the Microsoft guide. I still have this pesky little icon named...
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    How's the new kickstand?

    Love it but a bit more angle I love the kickstand but another setting with a bit more slope would be welcome though not essential. I'm a first time owner of a device running Windows OP having been with Macs since the early 1990s. I frequently sit with my legs up and the Surface Pro 2 on my...
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    Touch/Type Cover - Is having one essential?

    I code css and html on an iPad using Textastic which is a ftp program which is also a good code editor with colour for tags. I have ordered a 128GB Pro and am also wondering about a touch or type cover. I have no problem with the on screen keyboard on the iPad and will wait before purchasing a...
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    Pre order or store order?

    This morning I preordered a 128 GB from a retailer. I think the Pro will fill my needs adequately. The iPad 3 seems so dated and I think that it is slower since I updated to OS7. It's going to a family member.
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    Surface Pro 2 - Who's Waiting for It?

    Sounds great. I'm interested.
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    Apps I would like to see on Surface RT

    These are useful Apps and programs: Adobe PS Touch A good FTP App such as Textastic Calibre (for converting html to Mobi file) Send to Kindle
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    RT or Pro for requirements

    Machistmo wrote: My post is not a troll and I am sorry to read that suggestion. Mine is a genuine enquiry as I need to weigh up my present needs and am grateful for all those who have made helpful comments, including your other advice, but not the assumption that my post is a troll's. I am...

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