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    My type cover wakes up SP3 when closed. Why?

    Don't worry, since my SP3 was lying face down the only pictures taken were of my ceiling, ceiling fan, and type cover. UPDATE: Got my brand new replacement 4GB, 128GB, i5 SP3 (I didn't bother asking about an upgrade because I convinced myself that $300 would be better spent on an Nvidia Shield...
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    My type cover wakes up SP3 when closed. Why?

    That was one of the first things I did. It fixed the picture taking problem, but not the waking up problem.
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    My type cover wakes up SP3 when closed. Why?

    No I'm not. UPDATE: I took my SP3 back to the Microsoft Store this past Wednesday (8/27) and left it with them for analysis. I called today (8/31) for an update and they said they were having trouble duplicating the problem - sometimes they could, other times they couldn't, so they authorized...
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    My type cover wakes up SP3 when closed. Why?

    No, I'm sleeping it by swiping from the right and selecting settings->power. I did a complete restore about 3 hours ago and just woke my SP3 from sleep. I tried running a sleep study but this happened: C:\WINDOWS\system32>powercfg sleepstudy No connected standby traces available. Report not...
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    My type cover wakes up SP3 when closed. Why?

    Thanks for trying, but that didn't work. Tried it many times already. I unchecked "allow this device to wake computer" in both Surface Type Cover Filter Device and HID-compliant mouse and the problem is still there. I also tried both refreshing my SP3 and completely restoring it and it still...
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    My type cover wakes up SP3 when closed. Why?

    I did that but I couldn't really make sense of it. Does anyone else's SP3 wake up when touching the touchpad?
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    My type cover wakes up SP3 when closed. Why?

    I'm pretty sure it's not malware as my SP3 is fully updated and I never visit fishy websites and haven't installed any unpopular software. The pictures only happen when my SP3 wakes up on its own with the type cover closed. The pictures are taken at the pin unlock screen, never when the SP3 is...
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    My type cover wakes up SP3 when closed. Why?

    This happens to no one else?
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    New Pro 3 Owner From Pro 2 and Best Buy Hooked Me Up!

    ^true that! When I was a kid I stole only from well known chain stores and never from independent stores or people.
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    My type cover wakes up SP3 when closed. Why?

    At least four times in the past couple of days my SP3 randomly woke up from sleep with the type cover closed while plugged in sitting on my desk. Does this happen to anyone else? To be certain it wasn't my fault, I slept the SP3 and waited a full minute to make sure it was sleeping, then closed...
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    Ok now I'm complaining

    Mine got the thermometer and shutdown during a recent firmware update. I just let it cool down then turned it back on and havent had a problem since. A Google search revealed this happening to many other people.
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    Sound boost

    Even with headphones your SP is too quiet? That's odd. Mine is loud enough.
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    Mouse activity will not wake my Surface Pro

    I use Apple's bluetooth keyboard and bluetooth magic mouse...only the keyboard wakes my SP from sleep...and I have "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" UNchecked in bluetooth settings. Just some FYI for you.
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    Are Microsoft Surface Pro is worth to buy ?

    Type "surface pro vs" in youtube and watch some comparisons....or just go buy the surface pro right now and live happily ever after (or at least until the next surface pro is released.
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    needlessly wiped spro for wifi bug

    I wouldn't say it's totally the tech support guy's fault. If I were told I had to wipe my SP I would have told the tech guy, "I'll call you back to continue troubleshooting after I back up my stuff" then taken my USB 3.0 external drive and backed up everything first.
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    Why Did You Buy Your Surface Pro and How Do You Use It?

    I got my SP for the following reasons: 1. I'm a tech nerd who always needs the newest gadgets. After reading the Amazon reviews and demoing the SP at Best Buy I knew I had to have it. 2. I really wanted to try Windows 8 and its touch screen features. 3. I sold my Samsung Series 7 laptop (to...
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    Disable Superfetch = snappy???

    Myth Busted: Why Disabling SuperFetch on Vista and Windows 7 Is a Bad Idea » TuneUp Blog about Windows not sure if I want to do it now :/ nevermind. I disabled it.
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    Razer-edge Gaming Tablet is available.

    This is only for rich (or richer than me) people...or hardcore gamers who love gaming away from home. All serious gaming I do is at home, which means on my desktop or Xbox 360. If I had this thing I'd probably use it often for a few weeks then it would start collecting dust, just like all of my...
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    Pen pointer has a box with win inside it

    Your Surface is obviously full of
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    SP back feels very warm and never hear fan...

    Control panel -> power options -> change plan settings -> change advanced power settings -> processor power management -> system cooling policy. To OP: try changing your power settings back and forth between Power Saver and High Performance. I can hear a difference in fan speed between the two...

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