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  1. GreatWindows

    Microsoft Surface 2 Review Best Tablet Ever! & Performance Test.
  2. GreatWindows

    Official Wells Fargo App Released Sent from my Nokia Lumia 920 using Board Express
  3. GreatWindows

    Surface Pro Price Reduction

    Microsoft cuts the price of the Surface Pro by $100 on each model. Sent from my Nokia Lumia 920 using Board Express
  4. GreatWindows

    Internet Explorer 10 Full Flash Support Coming Tomorrow This is great news for the Microsoft Surface RT! Sent from my Nokia Lumia 920 using Board Express
  5. GreatWindows

    Get your Surface RT for $400

    For anyone that is interested in getting a 32Gb for $400 after rebate.$424/
  6. GreatWindows

    CNET Surface Pro Review is here!

    Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro Review - Watch CNET's Video Review
  7. GreatWindows

    If you delete the apps that came with the tablet how do you get them back?

    Hello ladies and gents, i erased a couple of apps that came with my Surface RT and i am wondering how i can get some back...i looked in the app store but they dont show up.
  8. GreatWindows

    Surface RT and PRO :D

    Hey guys im curious to ask if any of you have the surface RT and are getting the PRO? I currently have a 32GB + 64 SD in mine and i plan on also getting the Pro :D
  9. GreatWindows

    Microsoft's Surface Pro pops on Best Buy

    Microsoft's Surface Pro pops on Best Buy | Microsoft - CNET News Its almost time :D
  10. GreatWindows

    Battery Warning?

    Is there a feature that i could turn on to tell me that my battery is low? I have had my Surface turn off on me twice because i forgot to look at the battery percentage, and there is no warning.
  11. GreatWindows

    Surface Space shrinking.......

    So yeah I got my Surgace 32GB on Saturday and right now I am at 9.98GB out of 24.9GB..........So far each day the GBs have gone lower and lower without me even installing anything, is that normal? lol......
  12. GreatWindows

    Just got my Surface :D

    Well i finally decided it was time, i said YOLO and got it woot :D haha 32GB with a 64GB Micro SD......Lets see how it goes. These forums helped a lot with my decision to get it, so i thank all of you guys and girls.
  13. GreatWindows

    Surface RT 64GB for $600

    Ok so i was looking through Craigslist and i saw someone near me selling a 6GB RT for $650......i texted him and after a little bit going back and forth he told me that he will let it go for $600, he sent me tons of pictures etc.........Should i do it? : / its temping, but i hate buying used...
  14. GreatWindows

    True Power of Surface
  15. GreatWindows

    NVIDIA TegraZone now in the App Store.

    Microsoft Surface Tablets Priced Competitively Tegrazone is finally in the Windows RT Store :D
  16. GreatWindows

    Tegra 3 5th Battery Saving Core...

    ** Windows RT support still under development If you go to the Nvidia website and read about the Tegra 3 it saids that the RT Support is still under development. lol 4-PLUS-1™ Quad-Core with a 5th Battery Saver Core** - Four plus one refers to Tegra 3’s four CPU cores, plus the fifth...
  17. GreatWindows

    Xbox Music Volume when you TAB out....

    Hey guys, ive been using xbox music and i hate the fact that when i go to the desktop, or game or anything the music of the App gets extremely low.......Only way to fix it is to put it on the ride side of the screen when on desktop mode. But when i play a game it gets super low also.. Anyway...
  18. GreatWindows

    Windows RT: Enable Flash on Any Website [Video] All Credit Goes to Factrocks
  19. GreatWindows

    Halo rt?! :d

    Sigh......Imagine, if Microsoft/Bungie/343 Studios released a mobile version of HALO for windows rt!?!?! with multiplayer/story etc........sigh that would be amazing. I wouldn't mind spending $20 on it if it had xbox controller support and multiplayer. :D What do you guys think?!? You think...
  20. GreatWindows

    Tegra 4 Surface RT 2?

    Now that "leaks" of the Tegra 4 have been released.......I wonder if i should wait for the Surface 2 with Tegra 4 to come out lol. The Tegra 3 is pretty outdated already... And the performance gain on the Tegra 4 is supposedly going to be 6 six times more powerful

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