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  1. Swissmorgy

    new firmware installed today, battery report does not show mWh or capacity still

    Same here after the January-update: still no capacity-information.
  2. Swissmorgy

    Powercfg /batteryreport does not show any figures for mWh?!

    I have noticed the same on my device and I think this weirdness might dieappear with the fixed firmware upgrade announce after the holidays.
  3. Swissmorgy

    Battery charging Problem, New firmware?

    Weird thing is that this fix does not help permanently on my Surface. After about a day it was back in that same mode where battery charging is no longer recognized and I had to go though these steps again.
  4. Swissmorgy

    Battery charging Problem, New firmware?

    Any ideas why there is no capacity information in my report? It just says mWh :nerd: ¨COMPUTER NAME MORGYSURFACE SYSTEM PRODUCT NAME Microsoft Corporation Surface Pro 2 BIOS 2.04.0250 11/08/2013 OS BUILD 9600.16452.amd64fre.winblue_gdr.131030-1505 PLATFORM ROLE Slate CONNECTED STANDBY Not...
  5. Swissmorgy

    Microsoft Patch Tuesday today!

    Today Saturday December 14, the failed update from December 10 showed again as installable in the update list. The update itself took no time at all compared to the one from a few days ago. And now its status is installed. (See screenshot of my system in German: Erfolgreich=success /...
  6. Swissmorgy

    Microsoft Patch Tuesday today!

    In my case, the firmware update seemed to run though successfully (took a long time to download, then the Windows screen said firmware update for quite some time). Everything seems to work fine, the firmware number is the new one but my history also says the update failed. Hhmmm
  7. Swissmorgy

    Good wireless projector for Surface Pro 2?

    Yes, I have the newest firmware. Have you done Intel's Wireless Display update from this page? Global Download Center
  8. Swissmorgy

    Good wireless projector for Surface Pro 2?

    In the meantime, I have noticed that the connection to the PTV3000 is not very stable. Quite often the connection fails in the first seconds, after which the device is no longer visible on the Surface and a connection cannot be done again. Re-Connecting the PTV3000 doesn't change anything, only...
  9. Swissmorgy

    Good wireless projector for Surface Pro 2?

    I bought the Netgear PTV3000, plugged it to a projector with HMDI and connected my Surface Pro 2 to it. The first impressions are really great! :LOL: Easy connecting, smooth streaming and hardly any lag! And even internet-content can be projected; wow! Only when it comes to videos on the...
  10. Swissmorgy

    anyone's fans come on yet?

    Hi everyone, mine haven't ever gone one yet and I am very glad about it! The fans were the reason I turned in a Sony Vaio Pro 13 a few months ago. Swissmorgy
  11. Swissmorgy

    Scratches. Abundant and annoying. Feedback appreciated.

    Hi, I have been having my Surface Pro 2 for a few weeks. I am over all quite happy with the device but it takes me totally aback how incredibly poorly the Surface's surface is engineered! Sliding its back for only a few inches on any kind of surface harder than let's say than velvet decorates...
  12. Swissmorgy

    Good wireless projector for Surface Pro 2?

    Hello Jeff, thanks for answering. How far away can you be from that device? And what is the maximum video-resolution the connection can handle? Swissmorgy
  13. Swissmorgy

    Good wireless projector for Surface Pro 2?

    Hi everyone I'm a teacher and would like to use my Surface Pro 2 wirelessly with a projector in classroom. Showing graphics, presentations, and videos (which don't have to be in HD). Sound should be included to go on external speakers from the projectior. What's the best way to do so with...

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