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    Surface Book temp and fan noise

    Hey everyone, I've spent a week now with the Book and, fortunately, I've been spared of most of the issues that many people have had. But the one thing that's bothering me is the loud fan noise that kicks in when the cpu temp goes over 60. It doesn't take much to get the fans going, a youtube...
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    Open Desktop Onenote document in Metro Onenote?

    Hey, I'm wondering if its possible to open a notebook that was created in desktop Onenote in the metro version of Onenote. The metro onenote has one feature that I really wish the desktop version had, the ability to "scan" documents using the camera. I've been playing around with it and it...
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    Surface Pro 2: Pen constantly stops working since last update

    I've had this odd issue with my pro 2; after turning on my pro 2, if I haven't used the pen for a while, the pen doesn't work unless I restart the device. It is becoming really frustrating. Has anyone else had this issue? any suggestions?

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