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  1. null4end

    Performance Base for battery life

    I recently jumped from an SP4 to a Surface Book i7 16GB with the Performance Base. I mostly made the choice for the extra battery life. Has anyone done any testing/benchmarks comparing the battery life and performance using Auto Select vs Integrated Graphics in the Nvidia Control Panel? If...
  2. null4end

    Out of Memeory Display Port

    I recently upgraded my external monitor to an Acer 28" 2560x1440 connected through the dock via Display Port. With this setup, I frequently get "Out of Memory" errors when resuming from standby and the monitor will not work. If I turn the monitor off and on it starts working again. I didn't...
  3. null4end

    Replacement SP3 doesn't recognize dock

    I had to have my SP3 replaced due to a hardware with the SSD or controller. The replacement SP3 doesn't seem to fully recognize the Microsoft Docking Station. It shows video through the DisplayPort on the dock just fine, but neither USB or Ethernet are recognized. I've tried looking for updates...
  4. null4end

    Frequent Random Pauses/Freezes

    Is anyone else having a lot of pauses where your SP3 seems to freeze only to recover a 15 sec later? It isn't totally frozen as I can move the mouse and some activities (Lync Call/Presentation) continue? I've tried watching the performance monitor to see if it is a spike in CPU, but the...
  5. null4end

    Update removed gApps sync

    I have a paid Google Apps account that will continue to support ActiveSync. The latest Mail/Calendar/People update just removed my ability to sync my calendar. Is there any workaround to trick Windows 8 into allowing me to continue to sync these since they are still supported on my account? I...
  6. null4end

    Pro awake and warm in my bag

    About once every other day I will open my bag after a short trip and find my Surface Pro on and very warm. I have set the behavior for opening and closing to "do nothing" but it still seems to happen. The bag I carry it in snug enough that it isn't bouncing around and loose enough that I...
  7. null4end

    Surface Pro wakes in bag

    Is anyone else's Surface Pro waking up while it is in your bag? I am using the type cover and I've opened my bag twice to find a warm tablet and the screen on. I fixed it by changing the "When I close the lid" setting to "Do nothing" but I would really prefer to keep it working the way it was...

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