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    Type cover pen holder warranty!

    Is this part covered by Microsoft one year warranty! I feel that its not going to last a month.
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    Wifi on Battery

    My downloads are just too slow on battery. Needs a fix.
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    Little minor issues

    So far there has some annoying things im dealing with. Internet gets cut off to limited and needs a restart, connecting speed off batter is slow. 99% charge and stops. Pen looses paring ( bluetooth turn off then on fixes.) Trackpad very unresponsive and hard to use like the first...
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    Pen bluetooth connection

    For some reason I go to Bluetooth settings and it shows that the pen is not paired, but it still work as normal.. anyone else getting this?
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    One note and pen double click not working

    Ok so I installed the firmware update. The one button one note works. However the double click does not. I double click the pen and the screen will flash and one note launches. But my screen shot does not show up on one note, it's just blank.. What am I doing wrong?
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    stock wallpaper gray rings

    Does anyone know where I can find that wallpaper that was used when microsoft introduce the surface pro 3. The gray background with the white rings?
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    Surface Pro 3 shipped from Microsoft online

    Woke up today with a shipping confirmation w/tracking. Schedule delivery for tomorrow 6/20. i5 128gb ordered on 6/7 shipped to San Francisco CA.
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    credit card charged

    Just got a call from bank fraud department. Microsoft tried to charge card.. finally....
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    Surface pro 3 i5 128gb now has a ship date of 6/30.

    On the microsoft store there is a ship date of 6/30 now. I'm guessing this model is selling the most. My order still shows in process w/ ship by 6/20.
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    app crash

    is it the os or the surface pro. I have package tracker and living social apps which not crash upon loading. How do I fix this?
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    surface pro speakers

    Is it mine or are the speakers week. Watching a clip on and my volume is at 100% and I can barley hear it.

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