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    Pinch to Zoom After Pen Use

    I came across an interesting issue today. When trying to pinch to zoom in the same spot after using the pen, there is a lot of lag. It will either not do anything or it will scroll. I downloaded "multi touch test" from the Windows store to see if it was registering both fingers after using the...
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    Solved Anyone Having Issues Getting the TH2 Update?

    The big Windows November update is not coming through on my SB. Thought after 10 days if being out, windows update would find it by now. I have tried multiple windows resets, including the SB image file and a regular windows install using the media creation tool. Prior to reinstalling using...
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    Is the Keyboard Supposed to Drain Before the Clipboard?

    I can go a majority of the day without using the SB in tablet mode, but my clipboard portion battery still drains substantially. I used the clipboard only for about 5 minutes today and both batteries are showing in the 30-40% range. I thought the keyboard battery was supposed to be primarily...
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    New Surface Pen Issues

    While hovering, the pen is very quick while tracking when not around the edges. However, when about 1/2-3/4 inch away from the edges, the lag significantly increases. It's really not bothersome, but I'm wondering if other people are having this issue. If I'm the only one, I will do an exchange.
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    Pen Issues

    I just got an i3 SP3 on Sunday. I've been noticing the pen starts to write a bit off at random times. Rounded parts in letters seem to come out more straight, strokes are missed, and parts of letters come out squished. I can't seem to replicate it and it just randomly happens. Also, when it...
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    Type Cover Waking Device

    If i hit the sleep button and then close the cover, it seems the cover is waking the device back up. If I press the power button and wait about ten seconds, then close it, it doesn't seem to wake it up. I'm afraid it may decide to wake up on its own while in my bag. Has anyone noticed anything...
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    Device Not Waking

    Is anyone else experiencing an extremely long (as in ten seconds) delay when trying to wake their device or it not waking at all? I've had a few times the past couple days that I've had to hold the power button to turn it off and once I had to old the volume up and power button. This is my 5th...
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    Pen Accuracy and Calibration

    I'm going to add to the threads of "is this normal for my new tablet." The pen doesn't seem to be as accurate as it was on my 500T. I've calibrated using the stock driver and tried using the most updated one from Wacom. The one from Wacom is a little more accurate than the stock. I know...

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