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    Windows plus 'X' key

    My Surface Pro 6 will not always bring up the quick display when hitting those keys. If I have a window open, or tap on an empty spot on the desk top it works. However if I open a window by selecting one of the quick links and then hit the 'x' to close out the window, hitting the Windows key...
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    OneDrive NTFS

    Hi all, Is OneDrive still limited to using NTFS format. I just purchased a SP6 and a Micro SD 256 card. The card is formatted to exFAT When I install OneDrive, I would like to point it to the SD card, but I don't know if MS will allow it to be installed on an exFAT drive. Thanks,
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    sd card format

    For those of you who are using a micro sd card, do you have it formatted to NTFS or FAT 32? Thanks
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    Screen resolution - text size

    Curious to what others have their text/app size and resolution set to. I haven't changed the resolution but I have upped the text/app size to 225%
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    User account

    Hi all, When I set up my new SP4, I used my name, Carol and my email address. My user account is listed as the first 5 letters of my email and not my name. How can I change this. Do I have to do a reset? Thanks, Carol
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    windows.old folder

    Hi all, Went the other day and exchanged my SP4. The guy took one look at it and said it's a defective display and gave me a new one. Got home and set it all up. When I looked at the 'C' drive, there was a windows.old folder there with over 15 GB of data in there. Called support and they...
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    Display issues

    I'm having display issues that I have not seen addressed here, or maybe I missed it. On startup, I see flickering on the top of the screen. A line shows up about a half inch down from the top with flickers. Then if I try to go to the start screen or start an app, etc. I get a transparent...
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    Moving OneDrive

    Hi all, Got my Pro4 and was wondering if in Windows it is possible to move OneDrive to my Micro SD card so as not to take up too much internal space. The card is 128 GB and has been formatted to NTFS. Thanks, Carol
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    Surface Pro 4 ordered

    Hi all, New to the forum. Ordered my SP4, i5, 256, 8GB from the Microsoft store. Am 'impatiently' waiting. LOL. My laptop I use for work is currently giving me problems and I don't want to clean install til I have the new SP4 set up.

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