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  1. Orlbuckeye

    Bluetooth stops working after WIN10 latest update

    I use a MS Surface BT mouse and it will all of a sudden stop working and when I look under settings (bluetooth) the Bluetooth on/off toggle is missing and all bluetooth devices show not connected. After a restart bluetooth on/off toogle returns and is on and mouse is working.
  2. Orlbuckeye

    Ordered my Surface Book 2 yesterday. Almost 300.00 Discount

    I ordered the 15' 16 gb 512 gb. Not why but when I went to store without logging into my MS account the listed price was 2899. I also ordered the 2 year plan (Microsoft Complete) 249, Pen 99.99 and USB-C to HDMI adapter 39.99. After logging into my MS account prices SB2 2609.99 Pen 89.99...
  3. Orlbuckeye

    Sept 14th Update Stuck at 45% Download

    My Surface Book is stuck at 45% download for the MS update ending with 866. I've googled and found it is a know bug and there are fixes posted. I'm at work so I will try to do a manual update by download the install app manually from MS.
  4. Orlbuckeye

    I got 2 updates yesterday

    On Surface Book. One was a security update and the other was to my Windows 10 build after the Anniversary update.
  5. Orlbuckeye

    More and More updates as Anniversary approaches

    I've received updates 3 times in the last 2 weeks for my Surface. I installed some last night which were all Intel and a few for the camera. I guess this is an advantage of MS being the OEM is they have better control over the components updates. My Alienware only received updates once in the...
  6. Orlbuckeye

    Solved SB showed a hardware failure message

    The message was associated with the shortcut for detaching the clipboard. When I clicked on it it went to a MS page of things to try and number 1 was check to see if there are updates. Which there were and I installed those and after the reboot the message went away. When I did have the message...
  7. Orlbuckeye

    Microsoft will release a new 2 in 1 convertible this winter

    MS announced yesterday at Computex Taipei they will release a Windows 10 convertible The Windows 10 machine 2-in-1 will be made made in collaboration between an unnamed local manufacturer (OEM) and Porsche Design. The convertible will have a 13.3-inch screen, runs on an Intel processor, and...
  8. Orlbuckeye

    Had my Surface Book stolen yesterday.

    A have a friend's company doing home improvement doors and windows. Well a contractor brought his son to help him work. I get home from work and it's gone. I call the friend and he calls 3 people that were working well one (the son doesn't) his phone. Finally he admits and my friend meets the...
  9. Orlbuckeye

    My PC did an Update last night.

    It wasn't like a normal update but when I login in it went to a blue screen and the Said it was making Windows better and not to power down my machine. The screen was similar to the one when you first install Windows 10. I didn't hear about this update or see anything in any Windows 10 forums...
  10. Orlbuckeye

    Solved I've fixed my probelm with Store, Mail and Camera not running.

    Well my actual issue first started with the camera and mail not working but the store did work. Then every once in awhile the store wouldn't work but then mail and camera didn't work. Well that would only happen until the next reboot or restart then it would go back to only the store working...
  11. Orlbuckeye

    Micro Center

    Has deals on Surface Books started at 100 off for 1499 model. 150 for 1899 model and 2499 for the 2699 model.
  12. Orlbuckeye

    Micro Center has sales on Surface Books

    The entry level SB is 1399 and the 8 gb, 256 SSD and DGP is 1749 and the 16gb, 512 gb SSD and DGP is 2499. I paid 1899 for the 8 GB ,256 SSD with DGP
  13. Orlbuckeye

    Surface Pro failure in NFL

    MS got some bad press yesterday as the New England Patriots Surfaces failed. Well with all of them going down it sounds like a network issue and not the Surface Pro's.
  14. Orlbuckeye

    Solved Problems with Windows 10 apps like mail and camera

    The Windows 10 mail app has not been working on my SB. Now the camera isn't working. I ran the command (SFC \scannow) to repair corupt files in the logs it says the file C:\windows\SYSWOW64\opencl.dll can't be repaired. I attempted copying on from another machine and it didn't work. I found a...
  15. Orlbuckeye

    Bluetooth mouse that saves a USB port.

    Wireless Mouse Bluetooth 3.0 Super Slim Optical Mouse for Computer PC Laptop Desktop White/Blue/Pink/Black-in Mice from Computer & Office on | Alibaba Group It may take a month to get here (I did order during Holiday season) but it works well for me.
  16. Orlbuckeye

    Anyone purchase the HDMI Wireless

    cable sold at Best Buy? The device plugs into the TV HDMI port and a USB port. The salesman encouraged me to purcahse the good thing is it is 29.00 (30.00 off). I'm going to buy 1 and test and if works great I will but for Xmas presents. They are 39.29 at Amazon, 59.99 at MS, 55 at Walmart.

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