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    Are there ANY movie maker apps? Any good ones?

    So I didn't check this on my RT before I traded it and I don't have my Surface 2 yet. Everyone complains about windows movie maker not working in RT. Is there any kind of app alternative? Just something to due some quick editing before uploading to youtube. Maybe cut out a few bits...
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    Game Controllers! Will anything besides the official Xbox controller work?

    I traded my Surface RT in and I'm going back for a Surface 2. What's the deal with game controllers? I know that Sean Ong guy got an xbox controller to work. I think it has to be the wired one though. I tried my ps3 controller on the Surface 1, and yeah... you don't have to be a rocket...
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    how do i ditch the current xbox account and connect to new one?

    It auto assigned me to a name I don't want.
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    why is a live tile clock not possible?

    Seems like none of the apps in the store really work. They all seem to have a problem with the live tile not working unless you click on it to update it. Is a live tile clock just not possible?
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    how much lighter is the surface 2 really?

    The best buy website says they're both 1.5 pounds. Is it actually lighter? Can you actually feel a difference?

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