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    4K not working on Samsung U28D590D

    I have the exact same monitor connected with a mini-displayport to displayport cable to my monitor. I was able to get a resolution of 3840x2160 at 50hz; timing standard: CVT-RB. I used the Intel drivers and created a custom resolution through the Intel Graphics Control Panel . I don't have...
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    BB has 2 new sleeves for SPro3

    I have this one : Belkin Sleeve for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 F7P306TTC03 - Best Buy I bought it the day after the surface pro 3 launched. It fits perfectly, like a glove. I just wanted something simple to protect it inside a larger bag.
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    Option for connecting monitors

    According to the info on the Microsoft website for the docking station for the surface pro 3; if you don't have daisy chaining monitors you can hook up one monitor to the mini displayport on the dock and one monitor to the mini displayport on the surface pro 3.
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    Surface pro 3 will have an i5-4300U processor, should I wait for the i7?

    According to this article:Which CPUs will you find in the Surface Pro 3? | ZDNet, the i7 will have the i7-4650U processor which has the HD-5000 graphics.
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    You will have to go into Mail and go to settings, then accounts. Check your email account and check to see what the show email notifications are set us there, for me it defaulted to favorites, I had to change it to all email.

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