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  1. Rick Sutliffe

    SP2 warranty replacement

    Hi all - Just wondering how long it took other members to receive an Advance Exchange SP2 when replaced under Microsoft Warranty. I was approved for a replacement about a week ago and haven't heard anything regarding shipment yet. I had a S2 replaced a while back and the whole process went very...
  2. Rick Sutliffe

    Backup/Restore why not?

    I'm waiting on an Advance Replacement for my SP2 128. (sleep/Wi-Fi adapter problem) I've spent a fair amount of time installing software and setting my SP2 up and have it pretty much the way I want it. I would rather not have to reinstall and setup everything again. I've read through the threads...
  3. Rick Sutliffe

    Strange problem Surface2

    Hi everyone. My Surface2 64gb has suddenly started spontaneously switching from Desktop to Start Page and back. It's switching back and forth with no input from the keyboard or mouse. I can hear and feel the small "vibration" that usually accompanies pressing the "Windows" key on the bezel...
  4. Rick Sutliffe

    Surface2 - sound issues

    Hi all- Wondering if anyone else has a similar problem. I'm encountering a glitch when switching between headphones and speakers on my S2. Basically when I disconnect the headphones, the speakers don't work or if I have the speakers working and plug in the headphones the signal doesn't transfer...
  5. Rick Sutliffe

    Surface2 64gb - BUSTED!

    I pre-ordered my S2 64gb and received it October 22nd. Aside from a few out of the box resolution annoyances (text and icon sizes too small for my liking) I like pretty much everything about it. I've owned my Surface RT 32gb since the release date last year and now it's what I travel with. I've...
  6. Rick Sutliffe

    Received my Surface2. Impressions so far...

    Well, I got my S2RT64GB yesterday. I also bought the Type Cover 2 backlighted keyboard. I've only messed with it for a couple of hours, but my first impression of the S2 is that it seems faster. I like the new grey/silver color. The keyboard keystroke depth is a bit shallower, but I like the...
  7. Rick Sutliffe

    Received my Surface 2 64GB. First impressions.

    Well, I got my S2RT64GB yesterday. I also bought the Type Cover 2 backlighted keyboard. I've only messed with it for a couple of hours, but my first impression of the S2 is that it seems faster. I like the new grey/silver color. The keyboard keystroke depth is a bit shallower, but I like the...
  8. Rick Sutliffe

    Buzzing Noise

    Maybe someone can get me going in the right direction. I have had my Surface since launch day and have loved it and use it nearly everyday. No problems at all until last night when I experienced a loud "buzzing" noise from the left speaker. The problem maybe related to the headphone jack...
  9. Rick Sutliffe

    movies on Surface RT

    Maybe someone could save me some research time. I want to rent some movies for playback on my Surface RT for a couple of longish flights. Can anyone give me some advice as to what is the easiest/best way to accomplish this?
  10. Rick Sutliffe

    Marvell Avastar driver needed

    Hi all - In addition to my Surface, I have a Viewsonic tablet running Win7Pro. I thought I would try it under Win8Pro and I did an Upgrade installation. Everything works great except the wireless adapter. It's a Marvell Avastar Wireless-n NW controller. I believe I need a Win8 compatible driver...
  11. Rick Sutliffe

    Windows 8

    If this post is not appriate for this forum, please reassign or delete it. I am just curious. I have owned a couple of copies of Windows 8 Professional since the release date, but wanted to get a feel for Windows 8RT on my Surface before committing to installing it on my desktop and laptop pcs...
  12. Rick Sutliffe

    MS TV Advertising

    Just a thought - MS is heavily promoting the Surface through TV advertising, but it seems like they're not showing the strengths of the platform. No mention of Office being included, no mention of Skydrive, no mention of the ease of desktop integration. It seems like they are more proud of the...
  13. Rick Sutliffe

    Surface Purchase Experience

    Just a note about a recent trip to Best Buy. My daughter is home for the holidays and fell in love with my Surface. After testing all the things she needed to accomplish for her work on my tablet, she found it was exactly what she needed and we headed off to Best Buy to pick one up for her. It...
  14. Rick Sutliffe

    White List

    Hi all and Happy New Year to everyone. I have a question regarding flash embedded websites. I understand and respect the security reasons for the White List system used in RT and am aware of the registry modification method to add unlisted sites, but I seem to keep bumping into sites that will...
  15. Rick Sutliffe


    Just a "Thank You" to the forum administartors for removing seriously off topic posts. I'm sure it's a time consuming job with little recognition, but thank you you for maintaining the site.
  16. Rick Sutliffe

    free up storage

    I recently had an occasion to contact Support regarding a minor issue with my Surface. as part of their troubleshooting, I reset the surface, basically a clean install of RT. A day or two later I noticed a folder "windows.old" on the drive, just like you would get if you upgraded windows on your...
  17. Rick Sutliffe

    Maximum PC

    FYI - Pretty decent Surface RT review in the January 2013 issue of Maximum PC magazine.
  18. Rick Sutliffe

    volume problem persists

    kinda hoping the recent round of updates might fix the spontaneous disabling of sound - nope. anybody else still have this problem? am I missing some obvious fix?
  19. Rick Sutliffe

    Tiles - left to right centering

    Silly question. Am I the only one whose tiles on the Surface home screen are not centered left to right? The tiles are slightly off center favoring the right side of the screen. Makes me a little nuts.
  20. Rick Sutliffe

    website problems

    I'm having a small problem with some websites. Internal links, buttons that link to other pages in the website, do not work. Not on all websites, just some that I visit frequently. I don't think it's a flash problem and I'm aware of the flash "white list" modification and have added the problem...

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