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    Micro SD failed to start

    My Micro SD says it failed to start. I think it's always been like this since I put in a new card. It works OK but it's very slow and should be much faster (Lexar 633x). It only runs about 24MB/s reads. Any ideas?
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    SP screen way too big

    Try to delete the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MobilePC\TMM
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    Additional Touch Gestures Needed on the Surface Pro

    Umm.. can you tell us what the gestures are then on the RT?
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    Additional Touch Gestures Needed on the Surface Pro

    Ther is an option to enable full touch keyboard in the settings, but I agree with all if these. ctrl+alt+del would be nice
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    Disk Imaging Application Bug on Surface Pro

    I want to image mine so when I do an exchange ot will work as I have it set now. Will both those programs do that? Are either of them free?
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    Surface Pro Native Apps are crashing on open

    I visit to many shady sites to do that personally . In any Case Windows Defender should be more than adequate and has low overhead. Don't become a botnet! Edit: surface forums should support surface smileys!
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    Outlook 2010 and Surface Pro

    I tried to use 2010 since it was free to me. I then tried the office 365 trial (includes 2013) and had to upgrade. Office 365 is free for 30 days so see it yourself. Had both 2010 and 2013 installed and no problems using either
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    Battery Drain on Sleep

    Maybe a higher capacity battery?
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    Games on the Pro - Please post experiences here.

    SD card is limited by a factor known as class. Essentially it is the speed which the card can run at. Higher class corresponds to faster speed. Performane will vary by game. Aim for the highest class you can afford (try class 10). Amazon and most good sites let you select class as a search...
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    Battery Drain on Sleep

    The type cover is not draining power and your pc is not waking to update. Sleep (as opposed to hibernate) is a low power standby mode, but still uses power in order to hold the RAM in a steady state and allow quick wake up. 7-10% is pretty good overnight You can set default behavior to...
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    Modified power profile changes not sticking

    Interesting, my profiles have stuck but I did not adjust Cpu. Is it inly the CPU which doesn't stick?
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    Games on the Pro - Please post experiences here.

    I believe it is bad karma from the mac in the background. Uninstall all Macs from your household and it should clear right up
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    I tried it. It works fine with touch and it seems very fast. Internet works. It seems like it will become a really cool project, but right now it is pretty unusable for me. It crashes a lot. I can't get any on screen navigation buttons like home, back, etc. so it is a bit annoying to have...
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    Stylus Pen Storage

    I've been using this product to protect my tablet and it has a nice pocket to clip the pen to when not in use. (This was actually a pretty nice buy since I can leave the type keyboard in the case and still easily move the tablet in and out.)
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    Stylus for Surface Pro - Calibration

    How were you holding the pen during the process?
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    Battery life for the Surface Pro

    Mine showed this as well when I first bought it. Windows tends to take a few charge cycles to give an accurate battery life reading. It now shows around 5 hours remaining under similar circumstances to yours.
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    battery question

    I'm not worried. But I would define die differently as holding significantly less capacity and/or dying quickly even on a "full" charge. I assume for the price it is a high-quality battery, but I think many users have had the experience of a Dell or some such crap PC that will no longer hold a...
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    battery question

    Sorry I misunderstood you. You are correct that this is the trend, but virtually all laptops have replaceable batteries and many have user upgradeable RAM and HDD/SSD. (though trying to replace a fan on a laptop once I had to disassemble literally everything to do so). You can have an iphone...
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    Tips, Tricks and Hacks on the Surface Pro

    *Push Fn+Up or Down arrow keys for easier page down function. Fn+Left or Right arrow keys for Home and End function. *To get perfect pen calibration use this command in the Run dialog. "tabcal lincal novalidate XGridPts=10,60,110,360,660,960,1260,1560,1860,1910...
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    Just received my Surface Pro

    The new yoga was delayed (til april i think?) but I think it is clearly the best of these tablets by far, also like $500 more of course. The Vaio Duo has poor reviews and is kind of ugly. Also it has a built-in VGA port... which, yuck, makes it seem horribly dated even though it is still...

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