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    Micro SD failed to start

    My Micro SD says it failed to start. I think it's always been like this since I put in a new card. It works OK but it's very slow and should be much faster (Lexar 633x). It only runs about 24MB/s reads. Any ideas?
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    Screen protector with stylus

    Has anyone found a good screen protector to use with a stylus? Important factors in my opinion would be: * Resistance to scratching * Glare * Smudginess/Oil resistance * Look & Feel MS recommends the Incipio and puts them on in the store. I think something like Zagg HD clear film would...
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    Surface Pro impossible to calibrate for pen

    I tried to calibrate my surface to suit my writing style but it is impossible to hit the extreme corners of the calibration tool (specifically the lower. left corner if viewed with Windows button on the bottom). This makes it impossible to calibrate properly. The default works alright but isn't...

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