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    CPU/GPU Specs, Why no info?

    Love it that microsoft can't release the damn specs of the cpu/gpu's used in the different models, just i5, i7, nvidia gpu, etc.. why? I'd like to know what i'm buying...
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    Surface pro 3 will have an i5-4300U processor, should I wait for the i7?

    So here is the deal, the 4300U i5 we know is in the surface pro 3. but we know nothing about the i7, is it going to be an i7-4500U? if so, it's basically pretty much exactly the same as the i5 in processing power they both have 2 cores, the i5 has a base of 1.9ghz, the 4500U has a base of...
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    I'd like people if they can to run throttlestop 6.0 on their surface pros for a test

    And tell me after running the bench what speed their pro hits, mine idles at 2600 mhz, but drops down to 2300 mhz under load, I believe it's the latest firmware update that removed my speed on my pro 2. 300 mhz drop is a pretty big deal on 4 cores. let me know if possible what people are...
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    Playstation 4 wireless controller works excellent for surface pro

    Just an FYI, sync it to bluetooth, playing all my games with a wireless dualshock 4 controller.
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    Battery is excellent!

    Wow, I charged it this morning before work.. went into work.. and it's been going for hours, still at 75% life so far.. very awsome, much better than pro 1. Wifi gave me a few issues connecting though the first few times.. going to update the driver and see if it helps.
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    Cool stuff i've added to my surface pro...

    So, I'm not a big fan of wires and I want an all purpose device. So far, i've added my phone as a bluetooth reciever. Bluetooth GPS from phone: I have a jailbroken Iphone, and use "TryGpsOut" on cydia, you can use your iphones built in GPS and forward it by bluetooth to your surface pro...
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    And the Clones Begin.. lol

    The Surface pro is already getting chinese clones coming in. Microsoft Surface Pro Clone Looks Like the Real Deal at CeBIT 2013 | Mobile Geeks
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    OSX on surface pro mountian lion

    surface hackintosh!
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    Resolution issues

    On the desktop, I used to be able to drop the resolution and it would scale to fit the screen. Now when I drop the resolution you see black borders around the desktop. Desktop was dropped to 1366x768 and is in the middle of the display non-scaled with black borders. It used to work,scale...
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    Surface pro able to load other OS's according to reddit interview

    According to the interview with the developers on Reddit, you can turn off the secure boot loader in the surface pro. this is awsome news! > For the Surface the boot loader unlocked? Can I do what I want with my (potential) property? Or am I locked in to Windows 8...

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