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    Virtual keyboard problem on SB2 15"

    Strange and irritating recurring matter on my SB2 15". Periodically, and at random intervals, when I get to the logon screen, when I am in reverse screen attached mode (tablet turned around with the keyboard facing backwards) when I am at the logon screen, the virtual keyboard that should pop...
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    Bizarre "fix" Losing ability to change brightness of screen

    For no readily apparent reason, my shiny new SP 2017 has lost the ability to change the brightness of the screen. Swipe from the right to the Action Centre.....brightness button doesn't change anything Access power icon...nope Control panel.....nope Rummaged on line, usual suggestions...
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    Latest MS patch causes continual screen detach, re-attach

    Since the beginning of the week, my SB has started, about every 30 seconds, flashing up a screen detached, loss of keyboard connection then re-attaches the screen. Initially assumed it was the tarnished/dirty connection issue, so cleaned, blew out the connections etc. No joy, was about to give...
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    Positive (eventually) tale of Microsoft support

    I, for work, float between the US and the UK and for cost reasons bought my SB in the US. All well and good until about 6 months later when I started to get bad yellow tinting around the edge of the screen whenever it started to warm up. OK, MS (by this time) were selling the SB in the UK, I...

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