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    java on surface???..Also 32GB Sandisk microSD for $24.95@Staples this weekend!!

    Staples has a SanDisk class 4 (4MB per sec.) 32GB micro SD card on sale for $24.95 this weekend, and combined with their 15% off bag sale tomorrow,'s a killer deal. (orig. $79.95). Bought one today and it's plenty fast and easy to set up as additional storage.Having issues when...
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    any one else?...screen zooming in randomly when just scrolling with finger

    When touch scrolling pages during browsing with my right hand, occasionally and randomly, the screen will zoom and I need to double tap to revert back...looked for a setting to change or turn off to no avail....anyone??:confused:
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    New Owner from CT (USA)...Hello to All

    Found the site through a Google search.. nice to see a gathering place for us...wife bought me an Rt for Xmas..had a kindle fire rooted with Burrito for a year or so..loving the surface...sleek, fast, very nice display...trying to fit it in among the iPhone, laptop, desktop, planning to pass the...

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