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    Icons missing from metro tiles

    Recently, I think after the latest update, the icons vanish from the tiles on the front page. A reboot restores them and so does resizing them but as soon as I return to the front page, the icons have vanished leaving just blank tiles. How can I restore them permanently? Thanks
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    Screen compared with iPad

    By all accounts, the surface pro 4 screen is the most colour-accurate across the current range of tablets. However, when I compare the same photo material with my wife's iPad the iPad looks so much more vibrant. I feel quite the underdog!!! Are there any settings appart from brighness that...
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    Pop-ups on taskbar. can they be slowed?

    When you touch an app icon in the taskbar, the associated windows' icons pop up. With Outlook for instance, there could be many of the window icons that fill up the bottom of the screen. However, they vanish within a second, often too soon to be able to select the window you want. Is there a...
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    How do I stop power saving causing media to close

    While playing streaming media, it closes when the power save kicks on. Is there a work around for this without having to reset the power saving parameters every time I want to stream something? Thanks
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    Keyboard as a default?

    Some time ago, an update to my SP4 "cured" the annoying problem of the writing space appearing instead of the on screen keyboard when I was using the pen. I have just had to rebuild my SP4 due to a corrupted settings file. I have loaded all the recommended updates but the problem has returned...
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    Problem opening settings

    When I select "VPN" from the network list on my SP4, all I get is the blue page with the cog wheel. I have carried to the "trick" to refresh the immersivecontrolpanel but the problem persists when using the keyboard, pen or mouse. I can get to the menu from the windows menu but when I select...
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    Miracast won't connect to TV

    I have a new Panasonic TV and a new SP4. Both have Miracast and the SP4 "sees" the TV but after up to a minute of "connecting" the connection fails. Mirroring is enabled on the TV. Has anyone solved this problem or am I missing something? Thanks
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    Soft keyboard woes. Advice please

    I am a long-term Windows 10 user but until recently, have used an Android tablet so I am new to the Surface Pro 4. I also have the keyboard cover. I am struggling to understand the "logic" of the soft keyboard on the SP4. When I select a dialogue box in any app, I expect the soft keyboard to...