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    Surface Remix

    Did this ever get released? I can find information about people who tried it at shows etc but nothing on release dates and compatable software etc. Was hoping to find news of more computer music programmes switching to touch screen friendly "lite" versions of their software in the future for...
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    Solved Surface Pro 2 cooling solutions?

    Not had issues with my Pro yet but wondered if anyone had any elegant solutions to increasing the cooling of their surfaces. Other than sitting in front of a fan to increase the airflow around the back of my machine I can't really think of anything but I'm always suprised by some of the...
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    What Creative Things Do You Do with Your Surface?

    Microsoft seem to be targetting creative types more with this product, so I wondered what creative things do you do with yours? Create music? Art? Something else I hadnt considered? Or do you have a second computer that you use and use this more as a casual machine? I'd love to hear your...
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    Are there any apps that are better than there desktop version?

    Question more for the pro users or surface users who also have a PC / Laptop. Are there any apps for the surface that improve apon their desktop cousins interms of function? I'm new to the MS app store and was wondering if I should be looking on there for certain things rather than somewhere...
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    Outdated new user advice online

    Had my Surface Pro 2 a few days now and have been looking online for general tips to improve it but some of what I read I cant seem to enable. [edit] I've run all the available updates. DPI settings. I only seem to have 2 options. normal or small. guides i've read talk about setting it at 125%...
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    Hello from Hertfordshire, UK

    Hi everyone, Just got my surface pro 2 (512GB) last week as a replacement for a laptop I had stollen on holiday a few weeks back. Not had the chance to play with it much as my girlfriend doesnt know I have it. She wanted me to wait until we got a responce from our insurance before I made any...

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