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    How to get 8+ hours?

    I had wondered why my battery life was low and the tablet got warm when browsing. I've not read up on browsers for a while though. Time to move away from Chrome it looks like!...
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    Longest Gameplay?

    As the others have said. You cant damage your machine from gaming as it with throttle the CPU once it hits 80 degrees to keep the tempertature at that or lower. This will effect your experience though as your frame rates will drop dramaticly when the processor is throttled to cool it down. To...
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    Any tips to reduce or prevent the fan from starting up

    Someone can correct me if I'm wrong my my understanding from researching in to SSDs is that defragging your SSD does nothing to improve the performance. It does how ever add several cycles to the sectors in question and as such reduces the lifespan of your device. How much it is reduced is...
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    How I Pack My Junk

    I went and got the smaller medium sided Grid IT after seeing this. Its good to keep my charger attached to as I keep all my gadgets in a wicker hamper so that my GF doesnt complain about me making the place untidy. Now I just pull that out and I have my charger and mouse ready to go instead of...
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    Surface Remix

    Did this ever get released? I can find information about people who tried it at shows etc but nothing on release dates and compatable software etc. Was hoping to find news of more computer music programmes switching to touch screen friendly "lite" versions of their software in the future for...
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    Still getting to grips with the capabilities of my SP2 and am pushing it to be as effient a...

    Still getting to grips with the capabilities of my SP2 and am pushing it to be as effient a machine as possible.
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    Surface games (SUGGESTIONS NEEDED)

    Did you find any games in the end? Shame there isnt some kind of Mario Party equivalent. I'm sure there is a market for it for windows RT.
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    Bought Surface Pro 3 for gaming...

    I run Witcher 1 enhanced edition on my SP2 (8gb ram) with no issues at 1366 x 768. The machine runs hot though. Your biggest issue with gaming will not be the machines peek performance but the fact that it throttles the CPU ones the temperature has hit threshold. To counter this I've...
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    Media / Videos - Plex / Bluestack

    You will get this with most emulators. Most of the android solutions at the moment are run using a virtual machine that emulates android hardwear rather than directly from your machine. This is processor intensive. I was running Andy emulator for a week or so an that would idle between 30-50%...
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    Grading Students' Papers with my Surface Pro 2

    Isn't OneDrive free? I think you can open google docs within it. You could use that as an editing option instead of office. And all your studient should be able to open the file in OneDrive (its free on the google play store as well as on windows and mac i think) as well once you have put your...
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    Solved Surface Pro 2 cooling solutions?

    SOLVED!!! :D Reduced the Turbo boost power max and short turbo boost power max to 15 and 18 W (instead of 17.5 and 25 W) respectively. Bench mark score reduced from 307 to 306. Max temp 78deg but averaged around 75deg during the tesing. 0 throttling. My peak performance is now reduced but my...
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    Solved Surface Pro 2 cooling solutions?

    I'm considering attatching 2 heatsinks to the areas bellow the 2 exaust fans to draw more of the heat out and increase the rate of heat dispersion. The surface of the surface seems to get to about 55deg underload. Is this hot enough that a heat sink would make much of a difference? The ones im...
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    Solved Surface Pro 2 cooling solutions?

    Only that it means that it throttles and lowers the max performance. The more I can having it running on turbo the better in my opinion. Those fans are really having to work hard.
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    Replaced my Surface Wedge Mouse

    Best Bluetooth travel option - Logitech T630. Small, can be paired to 2 machines. Gesture enabled. Best wifi dongle travel mouse - Logitech Anywhere MX. Works on any surface, great erganomics and several buttons. I have the later but have considered the T630 That Razor looks good though
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    Solved Surface Pro 2 cooling solutions?

    Further thought on this... I could use thermal tape and a thin / flat heat pipe on the top edge on the back to increase the conductive area allowing for better heat dispersion as well as doubling as a grip for using the tablet one handed in portrait mode... I'm thinking way too much into this! :/
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    Solved Surface Pro 2 cooling solutions?

    Had to drop the amount I undervolted a little more. Now at -55, 70 and 85mv. Played some "Total War Battles: Shogun" last night (Steam game on sale, designed for mobile devices, works great with touch screen. Gets a bad rep as its compared to Total war rather than mobile games on windows). My...
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    Solved Surface Pro 2 cooling solutions?

    True, just trying to reduce the probability of throttling though. At the moment its still throttelling under "medium" use, if I can get the temp down a few more degrees I might be able to further reduce that in all but intense processing requirements. A cooler computer is a happier computer and...
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    Worth Purchasing Discounted Pro 2 Now?

    Consensus seems to be that the SP2 throttles less than the SP3, but under normal use th SP3 has the slightly better performance. Whether another machine would be better for you is a very subjective thing but One note with the SP2 is fantastic. When using it as tablet id recomend using a case...
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    Surface Pro user thinking about Surface Pro 3?

    More of the same from me. As a student you need to decide if the cost is really worth what will be a bit better performance (although the jury is still out on ntrig vs wacom performance, if you dont draw then this isnt an issue), and what may be a better form factor for you. $1000 is a lot of...

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